Sleuthy Spys on the Twelfth Night

The shorter man is actually a girl.

Shes the man Farce comedy

Principal Gold has no clue that Viola is a man in disguise.

In the movie 'she's the man' Principal Gold has a very awkward first meeting with Viola disguised as Sebastian.

Twelfth Night comedy of ideas

A disguise cannot change how people expect others to behave.

A woman that disguises as a man, like Viola, is a source of comedy of ideas.

In the Twlefth Night-Viola [To Orsino]: "I'll do my best to woo your lady."

Shes the man comedy of manners.

She's the man-"Viola [As Sebastian] I gotta be completely honest. The whole dissecting thing kinda freaks me out, so uh... I think you may have to take the reins on this one. Olivia: Wow, most guys would have never admit that."

Malcom is Low Comedy

"Malcom: I am convinced he's hiding something.

Principal Gold: Oh, nonesense, Malcom. He may be a little lost and confused, but deep down he's an all-american, red-blooded male, just like yourself.

Viola: [walking by, dressed as Sebastian, while on the phone] Mom, I will pick out my own dress. And no, I will not wear high heels. Because heels are a male invention designed to make women's butts look smaller... and to make it harder for them to runaway.

Principal Gold: Malcolm, have you ever tried to run away in high heels?

Malcolm: No, sir, I...

Principal Gold: Not that easy. Not that easy..." -She's the man.

She's the man Comedy of Ideas

After being accused of being a girl by Malcom, Sebastian proves him wrong in a surprising way.

"Sebastian: Folks, I'm a boy. I promise.

Malcolm: Prove it.

Sebastian: Okay.

[pulls down his soccer shorts, everyone sees his privates]

Roger: [His Dad in the audience] That's my boy.

Eunice: Soccer is the world's favorite sport."