World's Colombian Exposition

Why the the exposition is still relevant today .

What was the World's Colombian Exposition?

After Chicago was hit by the Great Chicago fire the city was rebuilt and from there . The World's Colombian Exposition opened May 1st 1893- October 30th in that time more than twenty- seven million people had visited the fair in Chicago, people from seventy- seven nations participation in the exposition. Everyone from different cultures were in attendance. People would see small shops set up like a place called Little Egypt This exposure to diversity and culture has had a large effect on Chicagoan's art, agriculture, and Urban development in the 20th century. The fair was a success because in that year 27 million people came out to see and be apart of it.

Why is This Still Relevant?


The Art inspired in the expo has...

Urban Development

Jackson Park is one of the results of a landscape developed by Frederick Law Olmsted, America's foremost landscape architect. Jackson park is still one of Chicago's most beautiful parks.


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