Book by: Ally Condie By: Kya Pass

Reached Scene Summary

In one scene, Cassia and Ky are in the village. After Cassia and Xander had found the cure the Rising was back in order and the world was "in place". The only thing is that Ky and Cassia are together leaving Xander as the odd man out again. Xander flies back to one of the counties in the Society and visits an old friend, Sergeant Lee. Cassia follows him back and Lee and Cassia talk about Frank ( a member who was lost in the Carving[Grand Canyon]), Lee is leaving and tells Cassia to give Xander the picture #97 of the 100 paintings.( Photo on the Left.) Xander goes after her and they both live happily ever after if there is one in Society.

Book summary

After finding the Rising in the Carving Cassia is back in the Society working for the Rising and so is Xander (her Match). Ky is a pilot and worries about Cassia constantly. With the Plauge out no one is safe. The Rising has the antidote and they are distributing it but then there is a mutation of the disease. The Pilot then sends Ky (Who now has the Mutation), Xander, and Cassia to find a cure before it's to late for everyone including Ky.