Supply chain manager

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The supply chain manager tries to minimize shortages and keep costs low.

Good supply chain management keeps companies out of the headlines and away from expensive recalls and lawsuits. Supply chain managers work in many different industries including manufacturing, aerospace, defense, and energy. They work for both large and small companies.

5 steps of supply chain managment

The supply chain manager coordinates the strategy of all features of the supply chain which consists of five parts:

1) the plan or strategy
2) the source (of raw materials or services)
3) manufacturing (focused on productivity and efficiency)
4) delivery and logistics
5) the return system (for defective or unwanted products)

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The average Supply Chain Manager salary is £43,218, however this depends on the area of the store and employer. Sometimes it will be lower and sometimes it will be higher.


The most common route into supply chain management is to take a foundation degree, BTEC HNC/HND or a degree in an area such as logistics, international transport or supply chain management. However, a strong degree in finance or business are accepted in the industry. Postgraduate degrees in transport planning, supply chain management and logistics and qualifications through CIPS or The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT UK) are also beneficial.


Relationship management and strict planning skills are vital for this role. Supply chain managers now often have a remit that extends across continents and must deal effectively with suppliers and customers worldwide. Supply chain managers must embrace cross-functionality and complexity of company structures and use this knowledge within the planning process.

You must be an expert at building collaborative relationships internal and external to ensure processes run smoothly and efficiently. The role can be very process guided

and requires technological ability; you should be comfortable implementing new technology and be alert to trends and next generation technology.