Raccoon Review

A Weekly Communication Tool for Rice Elementary Staff

Campus Goals

  1. Ensuring ALL students are in attendance.
  2. Cultivating a climate that welcomes students and parents.
  3. Creating opportunities for students to use and increase critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  4. Moving from Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement.

Staff Shout Outs

Stem Night was amazing!!! Thank you to all Kinder, 1st and 2-4th Math & Science teachers!!! Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Hooper, Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Fleming put in lots of extra work and really made it a specials night for families.

A huge thank you to all ELA Teachers for hosting our District Staff and allowing them to come into their rooms. Mrs. Hargitay, Mrs. Simon, Mrs. Rivera, Mrs. Staton, and Mrs. Marteney were so gracious and accommodating!!! Thank You!!!

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Week at a Glance: March 25th-29th

Monday-Black Day

7:30-Kinder PLC-STAAR Training

TELPAS Online Testing

Tuesday-Red Day

3rd/4th ELA PLC-STAAR Training

TELPAS Online Testing

3:30-Admin Delivering Raccoon Scholar Awards (and anyone else who wants to go)

Wednesday-White Day

3rd/4th Math -STAAR Training

Teacher Appreciation Apple Bar in the lounge from PTO

Kinder Graduation Pics

3:30-Raccoon TRACKS

Thursday-Black Day

1st/2nd Grade Math -STAAR Training

3rd Reading Benchmark

Kinder & 3rd switch specials

Amber here for support

Friday-Red Day

K/1st/2nd Grade ELA -STAAR Training

*** Follow Pep Rally Schedule***

4th Grade Reading Benchmark

Kinder & 4th switch specials

Faculty Pot Luck-Tacos

Reading Levels due in BAS Spreadsheet

Math Review Quiz

1:20-Methods students visit mentors

Rice Way Pep Rally

Save the Date to Early Vote

Friday, April 19th, 8am

207 West Phillips Street

Conroe, TX

Many other locations also...
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Staff Updates


3/25-26 TELPAS online testing for 2nd-4th:

Library, Mrs. Seal's room, Mrs. Gonzalez,'s room, Mrs. Hargitay's room, and Mrs. Rivera's room will all be used for testing. Mrs. Luna will be the restroom monitor at the 4th grade bathrooms. Please remind students to stay at a level 0 in the hallways. Make-ups will be on 3/28 in the library. Mrs. Parks will send out an email if the library is able to open back up.

Reading Benchmarks:

3/28 3rd and Kinder will switch specials

3/29 4th and Kinder will switch specials

Library, RtI room, STEM Labs, Mrs. Seal/Mrs. Blanco's room, and some of the grade level rooms will be used.

Math Benchmarks:

4/3 3rd and Kinder will switch specials

4/4 4th and Kinder will switch specials

Library, RtI room, STEM Labs, Mrs. Seal/Mrs. Blanco's room, and some of the grade level rooms will be used.

New Pep Rally Schedule

In order to provide everyone with a duty free conference on Pep Rally days, we are going to try an alternate schedule for these days. A copy of this schedule will be placed in your boxes. We will try it out on Friday 3/29. Please give your Content Leader feedback.

April Walk-through Focus: Anchor Charts

After our staff development, our classrooms have really been impacted by the use of Anchor charts. The focus for feedback for the month of April will be on Anchor Charts. We want to continue to make them interactive, allow for students (and teachers) to be a part of creating them, and also refer back to them as a reference for the learning.

CISD Insurance Changes

The district has decided to move from Aetna to United Healthcare. This shouldn't affect the Dr. list too much. only a few changes.

Staff Transfers for 2019-2020

Now is the time of year to begin completing your Inter & Intra District transfer if you would like for your child to attend Rice and you do not live within our zone.

Staff Birthdays

Madison Marteney-3/23

Lynette Parks-3/25

Mary Artusy-3/27