Richard Nares is an everyday heroe because after losing his 5 year-old son to leukemia in 2000, he wanted to do something to help the families that do not have the same level of support that his family did. Three years later, he founded the "Emilio Nares foundation". This consisted of him helping people who had struggles with money in California, San Diego. It was based on a foundation that helps transport children with cancer to their chemotherapy and doctor appointments.

He works in a charity organization transporting low-income families to their chemotherapy and other appointments.

At work, he has to drive a van and transport lots of children.

To be a van driver and create a foundation you need these skills:

to be patient, loving, to drive calmly and being nice.

I would like to be a person who works in a cancer foundation because its sad that some children can't go to the doctor due to their economic situation and also I like children. But I would prefer to be a fashion designer because I love styling clothes and things related with fashion.

Elisabeth Peña Merrigan 1ºA