James' Portfolio

English 9 Pineda-Spring 2015

1. Journal Reflection

My best jounal from this semester was when I wrote about my spring break and my summer because I got to write down all the things I did over the summer and over spring break. Also, I felt like I was there again as I was wriing them. And I could see what I was doing as I was writing. I felt like I was reliving every moment of my spring break and my summer. As I was writing them, I could see all of the things I did and how I did them. It felt like I was reliving my spring break and summer. ANd I could see all my friends and all of my families moments as well.

2/3. Student Choice Essay

I would visit the past because I would change some things in my childhood and some things in my last few teen years. Also I would change me not being held back a grade and actually almost finishing high school. Also, I would change how my grades were in both elemntary and middle school. Also, my grades in high school. One lat thing, I would change how my life tuned out over the past couple of years because I made some bad choices and decisions in the past.

4. Note To Self: Semester Reflection

I did pretty good this semester because I got good grades and did well on tests and quizzes. Also, I did everything I was supposed to and turned in assignmetns on time. And I did well this semester because I felt confident in what I was doing because I believed in what I was doing. The reason why I felt so confident was because I felt like I was going to do good and I have. I never stopped believing in myself because I felt like I could do anything.