Pedal to the Metal

Free Bikes for the Whole Town to Use

Noblesville Needs Public Bikes🚲

'Have you ever been out walking and thought to yourself, 'If I have to take another step my feet will just fall off,'? Or simply,'My feet are killing me'? Well I have and it stinks like moldy cheese. When your pretty far from where your going, it is terrible. Well now, Noblesville won't have to suffer any longer. I have the soulution: Public bikes. Noblesville needs pubic bikes.
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Noblesville needs public bikes. Riding a bike instead of a car is very good for the enviroment because, for one thing, there is less gas usage. Riding a bike will make less noise poulltion and prevent a lot less roadkill. Also, riding a bike instead of driving a car can save entire forests. Bike tires take a lot less rubber than a car's tire, so not as many forests will be cleared for rubber plantations. Plus, twenty bikes can fit in the space of one car, so less land wold be cleared for parking lots.


Biking prevents poullution in many mays. Bikes have no tail pipe so no emissions would be produced from the tailpipe. Plus, cars produce 0.97 pounds of poullution per mile, bikes produce none. And, making cars prouduces 1.2 billion cubic yards of poullution a year. That's a lot.

How Biking would Improve You


Noblesville needs public bikes. Riding a bike is very good for you heart (and health). Cycling lessens the chance of coronary heart disease. Biking is also great for toning and building muscles, especially in the lower half of you body. Cycling has also been linked with people with a longer lifespan. Biking has also been linked with improved mental health and could protect your immune system from certain cancers.

Weight Loss🚲

Biking could help you lose weight, as it is a great calorie burner. When combined with eating right biking is a good, drug-free way to keep weight down.

Better Attitude🚲

Riding a bike has been shown to actually make you happier and will give you more energy without a caffeinated buzz. You will also save a lot of time because bikes are 50% faster than cars during rush hour. Since you can go though cracks and shortcuts that cars can't fit in, you will have a lot of extra time and will most likely be earlier to a lot more events.

Lives at Stake🚲

Over 37,000 people die in car crashes each year. Only 667 bike related deaths usually happen each year. (While that is still a lot, it is not nearly as many as car deaths.) Your bike would keep you safe.(Kinda) If you stay to the sidewalks you would avoid more crashes and injuries. It would also encourage no texting and driving because you have to look up while riding a bike.
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Would People Actually Use Them?

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Yes, Yes they Would🚲

Acoording to this recent survey of Noblesville Residents, 77% said that yes they would use the bikes, and 91% said that they would return them.

How Would They be Used?


One may question: How would these bikes be used?

Some activites could be:

•Biking at Potters Bridge

•Biking Downtown

•Going to local resturants(You can't bike very far at one time so it would help the local buisnesses.)

•You could bike to places instead of driving just for fun.

How Could You do It?

Here's My Idea:

You would set up bike racks around the city at popular spots, like downtown or Stoney Creek Marketplace. Then you would put bikes in those racks. To prevent theft you could put little bike license plates that say 'Property of Noblesville, please return to bike rack when finished.' Then we would have to trust each other to put the bikes back. Therefore building trust throuout the city.
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Riding Out🚲

So now, we have gone over everything, how bikes would help us, the community, and the world. Those are some pretty good reasons. The next time I go downtown I really hope I see a bike rack full of bikes, and people coming to take them, and put them back. And they stop, and start talking. Another friendship about to begin all from the love of riding.