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Google Apps for Education--give this a try!

Tech Tool worth a Look

Best Videos for SS Teachers

Ed Puzzle (control how students interact with MEDIA!)

Watch & Get Inspired!

Video to get the wheels turning!
Fit Lit: How Movement Impacts Learning

What's on the SHELVES of the PGLibrary for YOU?

PADLET (click here for list of recommended titles selected by iStaff at PGEast)

Please visit the Library in your school and/or let us know what you/your students need ( or

What's coming up at the Library that I should know about?

  • Bookapalooza--community book read (March)
  • Student Advocacy trip to Albany for Library Legislative Day (March 2)
  • Book Trailer projects using We Video with Grade 7
  • Biography research with grade 7

What do YOU need?