Olympic Games Competitor

Presentation by: Chloie Caldemeyer/ June 1, 2016/ 3rd Period

Richards wins first 400m World Title - from Universal Sports

When I Grow Up...

I was always told as a child to choose a career that I would enjoy. A career I think I would take enjoyment in is being an Olympic Games Competitor for the USA Track & Field Division.

What Will I Do? Experience?

If I chose this profession I would compete in my specialty as a representative of my country every four years. I do have experience in Track and Field, however I do not have experience in competing at that elite level.

Benefits? Others Who Want Job?

No benefits are guaranteed, they depend on my placement. Many athletes dream of being in this profession.

Weekend Work? Vacation/Sick Days?

In order to be successful with my career yes I would have to work on weekends, however I am in charge of my own sick days and can vacation whenever I feel necessary.

Moving? Hours of Work Daily?

There is traveling involved in this job, but not permanent switch of locations. In order for me to be successful I would have to make my job my lifestyle.