Internet safety

by heather nichols


I have dun some research on internet safety and found out that 5 out of 10 people have no internet safety so while your chaldrin go on the internet they mite be being watched by a pedow or a 92 year old man who is posing as a 12 year old girl. Stay safe on the internet!!

How to stay safe on the internet

1.Don’t post any personal information online. like your address.

2. Don't send your emall edres or phone number to people you don't no in person.

3. phishing is a type of scam where the scammers disguise as a trustworthy source in attempt to obtain private information such as passwords, and. credit card information, etc. through the internet

4.Don’t be friends with people you don’t know.

5.if you are being abuse hit the REPORT ABUSE BUTTON.

Why should we stay safe on the internet

  1. because if you are not safe on the intent you are probably being watched by a pedow. we should stay safe on the internet because if you give your personal information like your house address,or if you go out with your friends a random person they could be waiting at a park for the children. And if you put your school address they will wait at the gates ready to take you!.So do not put your personl

facts for parents

Children and young people spend a lot of time online and may face risks such cyber bullying or being exposed to inappropriate content.

Whether you're unsure about what happens online or are familiar with new technology, it's important that you talk to your child about staying safe.

If anything you see or read on your child's computer would you, tell someone about it