Fable Story

Emily Minard

The Elephant and the Crane

One day there was an elephant named Eli and a crane named Conner. The elephant was bursting with strength, while the crane was full of height and bones. The elephant said to the crane," You scrawny little bird you will never beat me." Then, the crane replied, "I promise one day I will build enough strength to beat you." After that, the bird went off with his day, and the elephant did the same.

The next day the crane gained enough courage to challenge the elephant to a battle." Oh elephant you think you’re so strong, so I challenge you to a battle," said the crane. After that the elephant had a questionable look come to his face." Ha, you think you can beat me? Never will you, but I accept your challenge," replied the elephant. After that, the crane started training.

When it came to the day of the challenge, the crane was ready. Their challenge was to see who could throw a rock farther. When the elephant threw the rock, it went 7 feet.

When the crane took his turn, he picked it up and threw it ten feet! The elephant couldn't believe it. He soon learned to never judge anyone again!


Don't judge a book by its cover and never underestimate others