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The Biweekly Newsletter of the Kaohsiung American School

2021-2022 Issue #3: September 6, 2021

Dear KAS Community,

Today marks five weeks of school. We’re halfway through the first quarter, sports and activities have begun and almost all of our new teachers are on the island or are arriving later today. I enjoyed watching our National Honor Society induction on Wednesday. Seeing our oldest students speaking about scholarship, character, service and leadership made me even more eager to be on campus soon, working with teachers and students more directly.
開學第五週了。 第一季已經過半,體育運動和各項活動都已經開始,幾乎所有的新老師都已經抵達台灣或在今天晚點會抵達。 我很喜歡星期三所看到的美國榮譽學會(NHS)儀式。 看到我們準畢業生談論獎學金、品格、服務和領導力,讓我更渴望能趕快進入校園,直接與老師、學生一起工作。

We’ve learned a lot about how children and adults learn, and how to accelerate learning. How teachers prepare and plan for learning is an important part of effective classrooms and high performing schools. This year all our teachers are focused on critical learning outcomes that were developed in KAS’s schoolwide strategic planning processes for the WASC accreditation and IB re-authorization. Teachers have devoted a lot of time to those learning outcomes before the school year, in after-school meetings, and during our teacher ‘work day’ last Friday. In the elementary we’re learning more about teaching mathematical thinking, problem solving, and modeling. The impact of that is already being seen in some of our classrooms. Our secondary teachers are developing deep and engaging ‘interdisciplinary units’ that we’ll be piloting with students later this school year. I know that these experiences will have a big impact on student learning. I’ve seen it happen many times in other good international schools. I’m excited for this year for all our learners, from PreK to grade 12.
我們已經學到了很多關於兒童和成人如何學習以及如何加強學習的知識。教師如何準備和計劃學習是有效課堂和高績效學校的重要組成部分。今年,我們所有的教師都專注於在KAS全校範圍內為 WASC 認證和 IB 重新授權制定的戰略規劃過程中製定的關鍵學習成果。老師們在學年之前、課後會議以及上週五我們的老師在進修日投入了大量時間來研究這些學習成果。在小學部,我們學習了更多關於教授數學思維、解決問題和模式的相關知識。我們的一些教室已經看到了這種影響。我們的中學教師正在開發深入且引人入勝的“跨學科單元”,我們將在本學年晚些時候引導學生進行。我知道這些經歷會對學生的學習產生很大的影響。我也在其他優秀的國際學校見證過許多次。今年我為我們從 PreK 到 12 年級的所有學習者感到振奮。

In the midst of all this, we must remember that a sense of safety and normalcy are also key for student learning. We all hope that this school year will be free from disruption, but the cases we see in northern Taiwan are worrying. Earlier this week more than 4,000 students were sent home in Taipei or New Taipei City due to transmission in their schools. We know it could happen here too.
在這之中,我們必須記住,安全感和常態安定感也是促成學生學習的關鍵。 我們都希望這個學年不再受干擾,但我們看到台灣北部的案例著實令人擔憂。 本週早些時候,在台北或新北市超過 4,000 名學生因校園傳播而被送回家。 我們知道這也有可能在南部發生。

Everything we can do to reduce transmission—wearing masks, washing hands, limiting social activities and keeping our distance from others—is important. I am pleased that our middle and high school students from ages 12–18 will be eligible for vaccinations on campus on September 27. Vaccination will provide another layer of protection that will not only help keep individual students (and their families) safe and healthy, it will also help us protect one another and reduce potential disruptions to in-person learning this school year.
我們為減少病毒傳播所能做的就是 戴口罩、勤洗手、限制社交活動和與他人保持社交安全距離,以上這些都很重要。 我很高興 9 月 27 日,我們 12-18 歲的國高中學生將有資格在校園內接種疫苗。接種疫苗將提供另一層保護,不僅有助於確保個別學生(及其家人)的安全和健康, 它還將幫助我們相互保護並減少本學年面對面學習的潛在干擾。

We have not yet made a decision on requiring vaccination for eligible students. However, better than requiring compliance, I encourage all our parents to do the right thing, adhere to the science, and send in your consent form ASAP to have your eligible children vaccinated with all the others. Our school leaders and teachers want to see 100% of our students vaccinated. It won’t guarantee that our school year will be free from disruption or infection. But, it will provide a much-needed sense of safety and normalcy that will help us all focus on learning together, face to face, this year.

我們目前尚未決定是否要求每位符合條件的學生都接種疫苗。 然而,遵守比要求更好,我鼓勵我們所有的父母做正確的事情,相信科學,並儘快繳回您的同意書,讓您符合條件的孩子與所有其他學生一起接種疫苗。 我們的領導者和老師都希望看到學生 100% 接種疫苗。 它雖然不能保證本學年不會受到干擾或感染。 但是,它將提供一種急需的安全感和常態安定感,這將幫助我們所有人今年能專注於到校上課共同學習。

In hope and solidarity,

Mr. Laney, Interim Head of School

Ms. Clark, High School Principal

Mr. Payne, Middle School Principal

Mr. Coyle, Elementary School Principal

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Congratulations to all our NHS members and new inductees.

IB Bits

On Monday, September 13th, Ms. Clark and I will be hosting the HS Parent Forum at 1:00 PM. During this online discussion we will go over the IB programs offered at KAS. Here are some documents provided by the IB about the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP):

IB Middle Years Programme Guide for Parents (English only)

IB Diploma Programme Guide for Parents (in English)IB Diploma Guide for Parents (in Chinese)

Ms. Clark與我將於下週一(9/13)下午一點舉行線上高中家長座談會。此次線上座談會我們將說明KAS所提供的IB課程。以下的連結是IB對於IB中學課程與IB國際大學預科文憑所提供的一些說明供您參考。

IB Middle Years Programme Guide for Parents (僅提供英文版)

IB Diploma Programme Guide for Parents (英文版)IB Diploma Guide for Parents (中文版)

The Seniors (Class of 2022) are off to a great start! Here are the important DP deadlines throughout their DP courses this school year: Important Diploma Programme Deadlines for the Class of 2022

These deadlines are for assessments that will be used for their DP subject grade. Please note, some due dates may change as required.

我們的準畢業生(2022年畢業班)即將有個好的開始!此為2022畢業班整個學年重要的IB國際大學預科文憑截止日。Important Diploma Programme Deadlines for the Class of 2022



Sara Brodhead

College applications and IB courses are very busy for our seniors! They are currently working on over 800 applications in 11 different countries. Approximately 80% of the applications are to the U.S. Many universities in the U.S. continue to offer SAT/ACT test-optional choices for students. Please check each school carefully. Many schools will require international students to submit TOEFL or iELTS scores as proof of English proficiency. Early Action and Early Decision applications to the U.S. have deadlines that are coming up soon (November 1). Please continue to support your child to manage their time, workload, decision-making and stress as they enter this next phase of their college application process.

大學申請和 IB 課程讓準畢業生們非常忙碌!他們各自在11個不同的國家超過800份申請書中努力著,約有 80% 的美國申請,許多美國大學仍然讓學生自己決定要不要提供 SAT/ACT 成績。請仔細和各大學確認。許多大學要求國際學生提交 TOEFL 或 iELTS 等英文能力測驗成績。美國大學 EA 和 ED 申請截止日就快到了(11月1日)。在這個申請大學階段中,請持續協助孩子管理好各種時程,該做的事,要決定的事和面臨的許多壓力。

This week, College Counselors will meet during Advisory class with juniors in the Class of 2023 to kick off the college research and application cycle. We are very excited to start working with juniors and their families. Students will learn about CIALFO, the web-based platform we use to manage applications and admissions. Students will also meet their counselors! Future information sessions for Class of 2023 parents will be scheduled later this fall.

本週,大學輔導利用 Advisory 時間和11年級學生們開會談了申請的大概流程,很高興可以開始和他們進行這些程序,學生會學到如何使用 CIALFO,這是我們用來管理申請書和各種申請的系統網站。學生也會和各自的大學輔導見面!這學期接下來將會規劃更多11年級生申請的相關資訊。

Students are assigned college counselors alphabetically based on their last name:


字母A-L Cerise Roth-Vinson,
字母M-Z Lori Dietrich,

KAS is hosting many visits from universities around the world! College visits are published on the KAS Public Calendar and also in CIALFO for students. Please participate in these events as they are a great way to learn about a university, demonstrate your interest, and make a personal connection!
KAS 正在接待來自世界各地大學的許多參訪! 大學訪問日程會公佈在 KAS 公開行事曆和 CIALFO 上供學生參考。 請計畫參加這些活動,因為這是了解大學、展示您的興趣並建立個人聯繫的好方法!

Upcoming events 即將到來的活動

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College Visits 大學代表參訪

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More events are added daily so please check the KAS Public Calendar for the most updated information.更多大學持續更新中,請定期查看KAS線上行事曆以取得最新資訊。

Parents, we welcome you to come to talk with us anytime about your student. Please request an appointment by email so that we can notify security to allow you as a visitor to campus. 我們歡迎各位家長來和我們聊聊孩子的事,請以email和我們事先預約時間,方便我們通知大門警衛進入學校。

Cerise Roth-Vinson
College Counselor 大學輔導老師

Lori Dietrich

HS Counselor/College Counselor 高中諮詢輔導/大學輔導老師

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We Are KAS

KAS challenges students to achieve academic excellence and prepares them to be balanced individuals, independent learners, and global citizens.

Kaohsiung American School (KAS) is a private, non-profit, co-educational Pre K – 12 institution offering an American, college preparatory program leading to a US high school diploma and the opportunity for an IB Diploma.

KAS is located in the northern area of Kaohsiung city, the second-largest city in Taiwan with 1.5 million inhabitants. Kaohsiung American School was established in 1989 as an elementary school serving the needs of local and expatriate families with children.