Come to Athens!

The place you'll never forget

Why come to Athens?

Here, in Athens, we can do just about anything! We have silver for jewelry, lead for armor, and marble for fancy decor! Plus we have the largest Navy in Greece!

Some awesome pictures!

Heads up!

While you're in Athens, don't forget to check out the Dionisia (most famous festival in Athens), and thank the Archons (people who dealt with the festivals and parties) for all their hard work!

Our Government

New laws are voted every 10 days by the citizens of Athens on the hill, Pnyx.

In a trial, Athenians will use the jury to decide if a person is guilty or not, and since there are no lawyers, people defend themselves on trial.

Generals and Slaves

Can you guess how many slaves there are in Athens? 100, 000! But we have generals keeping them nice and tight and locked up in those jails!


Athens may look nice and all, but there's still some parts of Athens that might be dangerous, so watch out!

Fun Facts!

  1. The region in Greece that Athens was found in was Attica!
  2. 10 generals in Athens are called "Strategoi"