April 2016 - Beautycounter Update from Ann

Well, three months have gone by since I joined Beautycounter and the journey continues to enlighten me! The feedback I have been receiving from people near and far has been just amazing. Whether a new client has tried one product or completely turned over their entire household's personal care items, one thing is for sure, they are hooked! The truth about better beauty is spreading across town lines and generation gaps. Thank you all for making this possible!


I am so excited to welcome my fabulous sister, Kristen, to my team! After 6+ incredibly successful years with Stella and Dot, Kristen has fallen in love with Beautycounter, our mission, and fabulous products... has decided to follow her heart by joining Beautycounter as a consultant. Her positive energy, remarkable work ethic and passion for healthy living are a perfect match for her new venture. Kristen epitomizes clean living and has been making safe choices for herself and her family for years. Suffice to say, she's chomping at the bit to share her enthusiasm and to educate and empower her LARGE circle of friends about better beauty... I am thrilled!
Beautycounter: We All Deserve Better



Mrs. Flanigan,

I am OBSESSED with Beautycounter. The face wash, lotion, and oil makes my skin look so much better. I have always struggled with breakouts and this really has helped me.... and I threw away my "Clean n' Clear" products.

I also ended up getting the tinted moisturizer foundation, which I love. It is not super heavy so it looks great at work too. I definitely will be refilling my order soon. Probably within the next few weeks I will place another order for more face wash etc.

I want to thank you for introducing me to this! It really does make a difference and my sister and I can not say enough good things about it. I think your passion for making a difference and educating people on this topic is admirable. I will definitely be talking to my younger sister about this when she is home for her spring break.




I love the products and am about to submit my second order. I am now very suspect about all the other products out there! I feel very good about using these and am going to gradually replace a lot of what I am using with Beauty counter products.

Thanks so much for introducing them! I especially love the face cleanser which I use several times a day! You gave me a sample and I refill it every few days of my gym bag.

Thanks again.



Have you checked what's in your products? Log in to Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database to see how your products rate on a safety scale of 0-10. Get the APP for your phone and scan products while you shop or at home!!


How about a great documentary for the whole family? Check out STINK!
STINK! VOD Premiere on February 16, 2016. #StinkMovie


Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for that special mother in you life? Might I suggest a little something from Beautycounter? Below are a few examples of our 'Collections' that will arrive packaged in gorgeous, embossed red boxes filled with white crinkle cut paper. Alternatively, you can choose your own items...face moisturizers, eye creams, nourishing cleansing balm and more! Have orders shipped to me and I will custom wrap for you! Browse the full line here:


If you are loving your products and plan to be a regular Beautycounter client, I highly recommend our Band of Beauty Membership program. For just $25/year you will receive free shipping on orders over $100, a $25 product credit for every $300 spent, and special perks throughout the year!
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Ann Flanigan

Beautycounter shop now open at 11 Bernard Road (my sunroom)! Stop by at your convenience to see, feel, sample our wonderful line of skin care and cosmetics. Text, email or call me anytime - as always...bring a friend! Stay tuned for the launch of our long awaited 'little something' for your eyelashes!

Take care and be well,