News from Fourth Grade

May 16 - May 20

Field Trip Reminder

On Tuesday, May 17, the fourth graders will be going to Feed My Starving Children. Students need to bring their lunch to school. We will be eating lunch in our classrooms at 10:45 before we leave on our field trip. Students are required to wear clean, comfortable clothing and CLOSE-TOES SHOES. Also. NO JEWELRY allowed. We will be leaving promptly at 11:15 am. We are really looking forward to giving back!

Crazy Hair Day

What's Happening???


This week we will be continuing our second integrated reading unit that focuses on energy. We will be starting work on an energy choice board that will have students completing different energy related tasks. Throughout this unit we will be examining why energy is an important part of our lives.

Remember students should be recording their 30 minutes of reading every night on their home reading log and turning it in every Friday!


This week we will be discussing decimals and their relation to fractions. Students will be working daily through a rotation of four stations (independent work, hands on activity, technology practice, teacher group).

Remember students should be completing their math practice problems during the course of the week on turning them in every Friday!


This week we will continue our informational writing unit. We will be finalizing our first and second chapters by adding text features. We will then dive into chapter 3, which will focus on a day in the life of a colonist.

Weekly Home Expectations

  • 30 minutes of reading a night recorded on Home Reading Log
  • Weekly math practice (on the back of the Home Reading Log)
  • Math facts practice (IXL, xtramath, fashcards, Prodigy, etc.)

IXL Lesson Suggestions:

  • Fractions - Fourth Grade Q.6, Q.7, Q.11, Q.16, Q.19, Q.20, R.1, R.7, S.2, S.4
  • Fact Practice - Fourth Grade B.1, C.1, D.1, E.1, F.1


  • Feed My Starving Children Field Trip - Tuesday, May 17th
  • NO SCHOOL - Monday, May 30th
  • Last Day of School - Friday, June 3rd
  • Returning Student Registration for the 2016-2017 school year is now open!
  • Please remember that students are no longer allowed to bring in birthday treats. However, they may bring in a non-food item to share with their classmates on their birthday. There are 20 students in our classroom.

District 68 Mission Statement

In partnership with family and community, Woodridge School District 68 provides a comprehensive educational foundation for all children in a safe, caring environment, preparing them to be productive, responsible, and successful members of society.