Project Based Learning

Getting started with PBL in your classroom.

What is PBL?

Project based learning is an instructional strategy that allows students to foster their own creativity by becoming independent problem solvers. Students will collaborate with peers to develop solutions to everyday Issues.

Beginning Basics of PBL

  1. Choosing significant content (relevant to the students)
  2. Hook the students (get your students involved)
  3. Driving questions (challenge your students with an open ended question)
  4. Give your students a voice (allow them to develop their solutions/ products)
  5. Allow your students to plan and collaborate with peers (encourage group participation)
  6. Pose guiding questions to help them find the answers (don't give it to them)
  7. Provide the students with feedback and time for revisions (rubrics and checkpoints)
  8. Have students publicly present finished product to an audience (not just you)

Project Based Learning: Explained.