RHS Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 28 - November 1

Hickman Mills C-1 Board and Administrative Priorities 2013-2014

  1. Ensure full accreditation
  2. Increase academic achievement of ALL students
  3. Improve student attendance
  4. Improve faculty and staff attendance
  5. Improve safety and discipline
  6. Attract, retain and ensure the professional development of highly qualified teachers and staff, committed to increased student achievement and more effective teaching
  7. Develop and coordinate capital improvement plans in the areas fo facilities and technology that supports continuous improvement
  8. Ensure the funding of priorities through an ongoing, coordinated approach to district budgeting

TGIF From Mr. Rivers

PD Discussion Topic

The discussion topic for this week:

Lets try this again. I am using a different website for responses should work alot better. What does student engagement look like and sound like?

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RHS Calander of Events

Ruskin News (Click to view calendar)

Home Athletic Events for the Week

  • Monday Oct 21 - Soccer v. Winnetonka ( Moutray)
  • Thursday Oct 24 - Volleyball v. Park Hill ( Moutray)
  • Friday Oct 25 - Football v. St. Joe Central ( All) ****Senior Night****

*If your interested in working these events please sign up using the link below or see Mr. Martin.*

Athletic Sign up form - click here to sign up for future games!!!!!!

Assemblies or Field Trips

Monday Oct. 21- JROTC, Senior Leadership 20/20 Field Trip

Wednesday Oct. 23 - Junior Leadership 20/20 Fieldtrip

Thursday Oct 24 - Student Council to Center High School

Upcoming Events

Thursday October 29 is our Plan test day. All students will be in thier advisement class from 7:30 - 11:23 (Lunch). There will be activites and class meetings to help break up the time. We will have a more detailed schedule of events before the end of the week.

RHS Professional Development Weekly Focus

  • No PD this week due to parent teacher conferences
  • Check the Google folder RHS PD Resources for additional resources. (Lesson Plan Template,etc)
  • Please continue to work on uploading your information into Google drive. I added a link below that shows you how to upload documents and files into Google drive. I will share the folder with Central Office staff at the end of the this week.
  • Assessment data - Remember I need you to fill out the weekly assessment data form on a weekly basis. There is also the expectation that your data charts are displayed in your classroom. Here is a link: RHS Weekly Data Form

How does Google drive work

How to view a shared Google folder

How to share a folder on Google drive

How to upload files into Google drive.

Data Braggin Rights

Send me a story about an instructional strategy that worked well this week. Include the description of the strategy, the objective and the data.


Morning Duty Schedule

Teacher Report times 7:05 - 2:35

Schedule for the Month - Click on the link to view the document.

Ruskin Book Club

The staff book club book for October is:

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - by Rebecca Skloot

The student book club book for October is:

Every Day by David Levithan

Student Bright Spots

  • Taniesha Sanders - Dedication, maturity, rigorous class work, planning for future now as soph. Highest level of performance currently in UMKC Musical Bridges, Ruskin Orchestra, and KC Youth Symphony
  • Oni Karimu - hard work, dedication, respect for others, mentor to others on violin.

Please use the link below to nominate students!!!

Bright Spot Nomination Form

Staff Bright Spots

Ms. Gunner for being at her door during passing periods and motivating students.

-Ms. Schwartz for helping us out!! Thanks

-Mr. Harrison our head custodian for all the hard work.

-The student council for the cancer walk this weekend. A total of over $250.00 was raised to fight breast cancer.

Please use the link below to tell us about staff bright spots!!!

Staff Bright Spot Nomination Form

RHS Attendance

RHS Weekly Average = 94.19% Last Week = 94.05%

Percentage of Students 90% or better = This week = 79.98%. Last week 79.60% We made a slight increase. Attendance Goal = 90%

We still need to increase by 10% which means we need move 121 students to 90% or better.

We need to focus on the students in the 80% range.

  • 71 Students in the range of 85% to 89%
  • 50 Students in the range of 80% - 84%
  • 121 students in the 80% range.
These are the students you as advisement teachers need to work on. There is still time to get them to 90% or better. Make sure to take advantage of parent teacher conferences to let parents know the importance of consistent attendance and academic success. Students with attendance less than 80% are already identified by Mr. Cason our Family Resource person.

If you have any students who have fallen below that 90% attendance mark, please make sure you call parents and note the interaction in the PLP on Infinite Campus. Starting October 1st, students below a certain percentage will undergo a strict monitoring process. Having our parents aware of this will assist in this process. If a student has missed school and has documentation to prove that the student was required to not come to school that day, please make sure they turn that documentation into Tammy Hagermann.

Attendance Info at Parent Teacher Conference

During parent teacher conferences, there will be an attendance table set up to give out information about the district and school attendance policies. Parents can check to see if their students are at risk of losing credit due to attendance at that time. If that is the case, the parent will be asked to sign a contract stating that they understand their child is at risk and will be given the appeals process steps at that time.

After conferences are over, advisement teachers will send home a similar contract with students to be signed. These contracts will be required in order to file an appeal. More details to follow next week.

Top 5 Advisement

UpWard Bound 97.53%





Note: Soaring Eagle trophy is awarded to the advisement class with the highest average attendance for the week. The advisement class that wins the trophy the most for the month will win an incentive from the administration. Examples may be a pizza party, ice cream sundae party, etc.


PBIS Expectations Communications Schedule

1st Semester 2013

October – Respectful Month

Week 1 Sept. 30-Oct. 4 Respectful Arrival/Dismissal

Week 2 Oct. 7-11 Respectful Hallways

Week 3 Oct. 14-18 Respectful Cafeteria

Week 4 Oct. 21-25 Respectful Classrooms

Week 5 Oct. 28-Nov. 1 Respectful (Choice)

November – Peaceful Month

Week 1 Nov. 4-8 Peaceful Arrival/Dismissal

Week 2 Nov. 11-15 Peaceful Hallways

Week 3 Nov. 18-22 Peaceful Cafeteria

Week 4 Nov. 25-29 Peaceful Classrooms

December – Ready to Learn Month

Week 1 Dec.2-6 Ready-to-Learn Arrival/Dismissal

Week 2 Dec. 9-13 Ready-to-Learn Hallways

Week 3-4 Dec. 16-20 Ready-to-Learn Cafeteria/Classrooms

Technology News

This is a great site for developing ideas and applications toward embedding and integrating technology in instruction. http://www.edudemic.com/

At Risk Updates

The At-risk committee met this week to discuss behavioral referrals and the new attendance policy. We have numerous students on at-risk management plans. Thank you to those Advisement teachers who have started plans and have been communicating that to staff via email. Students will be monitored for 10 days and those not making progress will be referred to the at-risk committee for Tier Two interventions. Please continue to monitor the progress of your advisement students in the areas of behavior, attendance, and academics using the weekly advisement sheet.

RHS Student Service Center

ACT Dates: Oct 26th Registration Deadline:Sept. 27th

Dec. 14th Nov. 8th

Feb. 8th Jan. 10th

April 12th Mar. 7th

June 14th May 9th

Oct 23 Parent Teacher Conference - 4 - 8

Oct 24 Parent Teacher Conference 4 - 7:30

Oct. 29th SENIOR CLASS Meeting

Oct. 29th PLAN Test - There will be no classes duirng testing. We will resume the regualar bell schedule at 11:23.

  • Sophomores Testing in advisement classes
  • Juniors in advisement and will have class meeting
  • Seniors advisement and class meeting

Quotes from Copas

Administrative Assistants Updates and info

Check back next week for updates and info.

Department Updates

This section will contain updates from the various departments. This section is still under construction.


  • Socratic Seminar is not a option
  • Continue to have your discussions about grades and attendance .

Advisement Weekly Schedule

Monday: Grade Checks

Tuesday: Prep for Parent Teacher Conferences
Thursday: Socratic Seminar Video (Link will be sent)

  • Those who do not have internet access need to attempt to find a room to view. The library will also show video.
  • Please member to be inviting parents to Parent Teacher Conferences!

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