the deadly genetic disease


NF1 is transmitted on chromosome 17 and is mostly caused by mutation in the chromosome. Shortly after birth, several hyperpigmintations may appear on different parts of the body. Hyperpigmintation is the darkening of an area of skin or nails caused by increased melanin.


Some symptoms of NF1 are things like:

  • pressure on affected nerves
  • pain
  • loss in function of the area served by the nerve
  • blindness
  • seizures
  • freckles in the underarm or groin area
  • plexiform nuerofibroma
  • small, rubbery tumors


plexiform nuerofibroma, (which are large, usually benign, tumors that grow on nerve endings) can be surgically removed, as for the the blindness and seizures, there are prescription drugs that can be taken to prevent such thing from happening. However, unfortunately, nothing can be done for the loss in function, pressure, or freckles