Shred Smart Destruction Day

August 5th - From 11 AM to 1 PM

Fireproof Safe & Secure Shredding

Help protect yourself and your family from Identify Theft and use this as an opportunity to clean out any extra papers from your work area/storage area.

Location: Corporate Overflow Parking Lot

  • Please bring any unwanted materials containing confidential information to Shred Smart Destruction Day. All shredding will be done using Fireproof’s mobile shredding unit at NO CHARGE to you!!

•Address labels from magazines/junk mail

•ATM receipts, Bank statements

•Canceled/Voided checks, Credit card statements, copies, summaries, receipts, etc.

•Credit reports/histories, Pre-approved credit card applications

•Pay stubs, Employment Records, Birth Certificate copies

•Expired credit cards, identification cards, drivers license, college id’s, military id’s, employee badges, insurance cards, etc.

•Insurance documents, Investment, stock & property transactions

•Medical & dental records

•Anything with Social Security number on it

•Receipts with checking account numbers, Anything with your signature on it

•Tax forms, Transcripts

•Utility bills....Anything that can identify you or your family