The Art of Animation + Storyboards

Drawing things is fine, but giving them life is even better

Animation / Storyboarding

Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, and a host of other studios and companies have made animated films and TV shows. They take an idea and bring it to life, without needing any actor or expensive movie equipment or remote islands. I've always loved the idea of seeing what I put down on paper be given life and emotions, as well as all the problems and excitement that comes with it. Mostly what I want to do is tell a story. I want to make people feel for a character that I create as they struggle through their problems, be it a case of hunger, or a question of morality and humanity.

At first, I delved into the writing world for a bit. I tested myself to see if I could write out what I saw in my head, but decided that I couldn't do it. I wanted to be able to control what the viewers saw, instead of only being able to give them a few details of the grand ball, or being unable to capture with words what i saw in my mind's eye. Evidently, the way I write has been influenced by the venture, but that only mean that I write much more eloquently than I speak.

In trying to find out how to tell my stories, I also thought of being a comic artist/writer. I learned a few things about the comic world. I learned about staging and the frames that held each picture. It was a much more attractive idea than writing seemed, but I decided it just wasn't for me. I couldn't control how long the reader looked at a panel, and my control over the way my characters said things and their exacted movements were to limited for my tastes.

But then the animated world caught my attention. Specifically,the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls did. I was shown that even a children's cartoon made by Disney could handle the darker themes that I would like to have the freedom of exploring, without needing to be vulgar or psychedelic like Adult Swim. I looked into it a bit more, and realized that it didn't really matter what company did what, the only difference was what they allowed you to do. The idea of that freedom to chose what you wanted to produce and what you didn't, while still being able to tell a story in the exact way that you wanted to, was what has me convinced that this is the best way to go.