Isotope of Beryllium

J.D. Martin


Known Isotopes: 9

Main Isotope Name: beryllium-9

Isotope Chemical Symbol:

Atomic Number: 4

Atomic Mass: 9.012

# Protons: 4

# Electrons: 4

# Neutrons: 5

Equation for the alpha decay:

Equation for the beta decay:

Equation for the gamma decay:

Who discovered this: Rene Huay & Nicolas Louis Vauquelin

More Facts

Physical Properties:

  1. Beryllium is light, silver-gray, and relatively soft.
  2. Beryllium is strong but brittle.


  1. Beryllium is used as an alloy with copper to make spark-proof tools.
  2. Beryllium is used in radiation windows for x-ray tubes.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Beryllium has the highest melting point of the light metals at 1278°C.
  2. Under normal conditions, a thin layer of the hard oxide BeO forms on beryllium's surface , protecting the metal from further attack by water and air.

What is radioactive decay?

the process by which a nucleus of an unstable atom loses energy by emitting ionizing radiation