John Locke

"The Father of Classical Liberalism"

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John Locke was a philosopher who greatly influenced many people. He was born and died in the United Kingdom where he also worked. His father had many connections due to their huge belief in the Puritan religion, so Locke got an excellent education. He graduated in 1674 with a bachelor's in medicine.

He got into writing in his years after school, and wrote about revolutionary ideas, that were not accepted at that point in his life. Later on though, these writings were used for the American and French revolutions. At one point in his life, Locke was accused of being involved of a failed assassination of a high figure head. He was exiled in Holland where he then wrote the world renowned "The Essay".

Locke's writings ans ideas helped form Colonial America and how they wold eventually come up with the way they formed things.

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Locke can be best known for his philosophical ideas and writings which later contributed to the formings and paths of Colonial America.

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How Does Locke Impact Our Everyday Life?

John Locke...

John Locke had many ranges of topics from human knowledge, identity and selfhood. John Locke's philosophies have stayed with us for centuries such as the natural right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
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John Locke's take on Integrity.

Locke thought about integrity in every aspect for example, he thought about who was going to be the one to judge the government when it begins to abuse it's power? Locke says that the people shall be the judge. So who else to judge than a Representative with integrity, than the voter who elected the representative to have integrity.

John Locke's on Citizenship.

John Locke has written about the certain qualities that a citizen is supposed to possess and how the citizen is supposed to obtain them. He writes about how the basis of citizenship starts with the virtues being taught about at home. Also how the state should promote for citizenship, and also how the state should teach and enforce citizenship.


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