Blood Diamond Crisis

What's really happening?

It's more serious than the movies say

Africa, has long since been rich and resources, culture, but not so much economically. An on going problem, that has been an issue for decades, is the blood diamonds. What's actually happening though, otrher than what we always hear about war and child slaves? It's much more than that. Many armys have taken over towns and kidnapped hostiges, and forced them into slavery. No one is excluded from this. The women, the children, the men, the old and the weak are sent down into these mines, to risk their lives. What's at stake? Their life, their families, their friends, and their livelyhood. Rape, violence, torture, and murder are very common forms of punishment.

What's Being Done?

To much surprise, not much.

It's a very popular topic, but ehats actually being done? There are two well known organizations that are attempting, but doing little. The Kimberly orgainization does backround checks on the stones, and if they do not have a cirtificate then they are deemed to be a blood diamond. This is attempting to stop the mining by not buying them. The Brilliant Earth project, is trying to take the child slaves out of the mines and give them an education, so their lives aren't wasted away.


Produce 15% of the worlds diamond supply

Diamond miners are some of the poorest in the world

46% of workers are 5-16 years of age

Angolas annual income from the diamonds is $150 million