Where is Fiji?

Fiji is a part of Austrlia but is surrounded by water.

What languages does Fiji speak?

In Fiji they speak three languages. They speak English, Fijian,and Fiji Hindi.

What do they call Santa Claus in Fiji?

In Fiji they call Santa Claus "Father Christmas".

What are five customs that they have?

About two weeks before Christmas Day everyone gathers at the community’s largest house and celebrates for two weeks until New Years Day. They preform and sing traditional meke fan (Women) and spear (Men) dances. They also decorate trees with colorful ribbons. Santa comes in on his tropical island sleigh (A speed boat). Last they gather and have a large feast.

What traditional foods do they eat in Fiji?

In Fiji when they have their large feast they eat garlic spice chicken, beef, pork, fish,and cassava. They also eat palusami, spiced mutton wrapped in leaves and cooked in coconut cream.