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Week of October 12

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Sending a round of great applause to Kyle Mack and his family, Brenda, Brooklyn, & Christopher Kelly, Andrea, Jonathon, and Daniel Puckett, and Leah, Brad, and Elliot Suder for their time and support of our 'How Hungry Are You" food packing event. With more than 250 volunteers, we packed 55,296 meals for I.D.E.S.

Also the "All In For A Big Win!" was another huge success for FHSD. More than 12,000 canned goods were collected by all the 9 buildings. Thank you Carolyn for spearheading this effort for Nagel.

If you have NOT completed the staff Schools to Watch survey, we would be very appreciative if you can have that completed by Tuesday at 3 PM. Our deadline is Wednesday, so your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

Last year our PTA did not think holding a fundraiser while we were trying to pass the Bond Levy was a good idea, so therefore they did not. This year however, they have a great new idea for us to try. It is a fundraiser that has never been done in this area. They are partnering with ACTS Fundraising to offer a mobile app that includes deals with thousands of local and national merchants. Combined with the ACTS Fundraising website (, you will have access to approximately 300,000 different merchants, with more being added everyday. The app is good for 13 months after purchase and is compatible with any Apple or Android device. The mobile app uses GPS to find deals relative to your exact location at any time and anywhere.

The fundraiser will begin Tuesday, October 20th and end Wednesday, October 28th. Every Nagel student will receive five cards in Advisory to start the fundraiser. The specific details for this event will be sent to you soon and rest assured there is minimal work for you to do with this. I am hoping with your encouragement (which is about all you need to do) we will set a record like no building in FHSD has ever done. The elementary buildings are raising over $35K, so I am certain the Nagel Nation can top that! Thank you in advance for your support of this fun idea. Great prizes will be coming your way for the top Advisory and Team!


October 13 - Picture Re-takes on the stage during lunch. Many staff still need picture so please try to go.

October 15 - Hawks for a Cure @ Football. Games begin at 4. Tons of fun!

October 16 - PD Day - @ AHS Fine Arts Room 8AM sharp please. And...FYI - ALL the elementary staff will be at Nagel, so your classrooms will be used. Please have them ready to go for your cohorts.

October 19 - NO SCHOOL - Enjoy this fabulous Fall weather

October 22 - PINK OUT Day - details to come

October 27 - Grades Due

October 28 - Nagel Ground Breaking Ceremony - 10:00

October 28 - Staff Meeting - Insurance Open Enrollment - 2:30

November 4 - Professional Development Day

November 11 - Save the Date - Veteran's Day Assembly

The Bailey Special

#1: SOAR Cards Update - Kudos to Melissa for getting the new YELLOW SOAR cards out! As Melissa indicated, simply have students exchange their green for the new yellow ones. Example: If a student has 13 green SOAR cards, take them from them, and give them 13 YELLOW SOAR cards in exchange. Let me know if you have any questions.

Testing Updates:

#2: PARCC Scores are scheduled to be released 10/14! Stay tuned!

#3: ACT Aspire Test Dates below:

71/81: Nov. 5, 6

72/82: Nov. 9, 10

73/83: Nov. 12, 13

74/84: Nov. 16, 17

75/85: Nov. 18, 19


  • Try to log into your teacher page for Aspire
  • Double check your roster for one test (Advisory, minus all who get testing accommodations)
  • If you are proctoring students with accommodations, I will share a list with you to confirm.
  • If you need an Aspire Log-in, please let me know!
  • Contact me if you have any roster issues

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Item #1 - Conferences #2

Can you believe it is already time to schedule our second round of conferences? Please see the information below for pre-scheduling your high priority conferences prior to My Conference Time going live to parents on 10/16.

Conference Directions

Date: October 29th, 2015

Time: 4:30-8:00pm


Staff Login:


Password: nagel15

· Please login into your account and check to make sure your account information is correct ASAP.

· If you need any corrections to your account, please contact Kim Calder.

October 6th-15th - Staff contacts parents and schedules high priority conferences

· Conference times for a single teacher are 10 minutes.

· Teachers can adjust conference times for one or more teachers for a maximum of 20 minutes as needed. If this is the case, use two 10- minute slots and just repeat the name of the attendee.

October 16th-29th - Parents have access to MyConferenceTime to schedule conferences

· A letter will go home to parents on October 9th and MyConferenceTime will be open for parents to schedule conferences on 10/16.

· Parents can schedule 10 minute conferences only.

· Parents are asked to schedule with only TWO core teachers plus encore teachers.

· If you find that parents are scheduling with more than TWO CORE teachers, please contact Kim Calder. Kim cannot check for this so you will need to talk as a team to determine if this is the case.

· Breaks have been included in your schedule on the allotted time you are scheduled for conferences.

Item #2 - Reminder for the first full BLT meeting (including Team Leaders, Achievers, and Student Services) on November 2nd, 2015 from 2:30-3:15pm in room 115

Item#3 - Reminder for Team Leaders Meeting this Wednesday, October 14th.

Item #4 - Please click the following link for information on the PD Day this Friday (10/16). Please contact Lizzy with any questions about your schedule. 7-12 PD Plan for October 16th.

Item # 4 - Students maybe be called down during both core and encore for schedule changes. Please be flexible with the students being called out of class. With all of the schedule changes, there are just not enough hour in the day to make all of the movements during encore time. Thanks ahead of time for your flexibility.

Item #5 - Since the Cyclones Game Field Trip is only offered on one day, we cannot allow any additional teams to choose this as their field trips. Please see the list of approved field trips to choose a different 7th grade field trip. ​

Here is the list of approved field trips for the 2015-2016 school year.

7th Grade

Ohio River Experience

Education in Hockey

Omnimax/Museum Center

8th Grade

Omnimax/Museum Center

Historic Ripley Ohio

Reds Stadium

Freedom Center Civil War

Cincinnati Zoo​

As an interdisciplinary team, you will need to reach consensus about the field​ your team wishes to attend.

All field trips must be organized through Donna Mitchell. You must email Donna the specifics (field trip, date, time you want to leave/return, cost, etc), this needs to occur 3 weeks before your field trip. Donna will coordinate permission slips with you.

What would life be if WE had no courage to attempt anything?

Tech Bytes

Nagel Nation Posts

In an effort to improve user experience all around, the LC will be handling most of the posted updates on Schoology’s Nagel Nation group. This will allow us to consolidate all announcements into one update/post rather than several smaller updates which tend to not get read and fill up users’ email inboxes.

If you have a specific group that you want to communicate with rather than communicating to all Nagel Students and Staff, please consider creating a group specific to those individuals, otherwise please send all school-wide announcements to Melissa and Kyle via an email and we'll make sure your information gets to everyone in the most efficient and user friendly manner.

Explore Learning

Attention all math and science teachers. Explore Learning accounts have been updated. There were many issues related to the student accounts so therefore we had to start fresh. The new algorithms are as follows:

7th Grade Science:

Teacher Login: nagel01 Teacher Password:nighthawks01

Student Login & Password: 7NagelSci# (1-35)

8th Grade Science:

Teacher Login: nagel03 Teacher Password:nighthawks03

Student Login & Password: 8NagelSci# (1-35)

7th and 8th Grade Math:

Teacher Login: nagel02 Teacher Password:nighthawks02

Student Login & Password: NagelMath# (1-35)

Please communicate to your students that they are NOT PERMITTED to change student account information when they log in. There will be a disciplinary response if a student makes modifications to the account that they have been given to use. These accounts are not just theirs. Other students share these accounts with them.

It is will highly recommend that you discuss as a CAT how you want to manage when each teacher is using Explore Learning given the fact that all of you are sharing these accounts. Kyle would be more than happy to help with finding a solution that works for your CAT team. Please feel free to contact him if you would like his help.


The craziness of the start of the school year is starting to come to an end. We have found that a couple of tech requests are not being resolved because the request is being sent to the wrong email address. no longer exists. Kehlan will not receive your request if it is sent to this email address. In order to create a ticket please send an email to and Kehlan will get to your issue as soon as he can. This email address is reserved for faculty only. Students have a sign in sheet when they walk down to the LC and request assistance at the Tech Squad Counter. Please submit a ticket for every issue that you would like Kehlan to work on. Thank you.

Mark's Minutes

Athletic Events for 10/12-10/16

XC Championships; 10/13 @ Landen Deerfield Park

7th and 8th Grade Silver Football vs. Withrow; 10/15

Girls 7th Grade Blue and Silver Volleyball Tournament; 10/15 @ Loveland

Girls 8th Grade Blue and Silver Volleyball Tournament; 10/17 @KIngs