Kari And Carl's Honeymoon Retreat

Let's Go Have Some Fun!!!

Atlantis Resort

Atlantis is a good place to go snorkling.It has White pretty sand,With clear water.There are sweet spots for honeymoons.And It has no mountains. http://www.atlantis.com/accommodations/thecoveatlantis/rooms.aspx

A Sweet Spot For A Honeymoon

A place to go at to sit down or swim.

Flying To The Bahmas

The Price Cost is $574 For only 1 ticket. To get ther is 10h 54m total - To get there it takes 6h 31m-To get back cost 4h 36m

Atlanta Stop

The Will Be A Flight Delay In Atlanta.So We Found A Few Things To Do Like Go To The Mall,Movies,Bowling,Skating,Or Go Eating.So The Flight Delay Will Take About Around 2-3 Hours Long.

Snorkeling Southwest Reef, New Providence, Bahamas

Nassau Paradise Island

Here's A Video Of Nassau Bahamas I found it talks about what it like and what things you can do.