Goodwill Mole

Potassium Graphite (KCbase8) By: Taylor Berry

Why call it a goodwill mole?

Potassium Graphite is known for giving away its electrons to other compounds or elements who need them more. Just like you give your old clothes and shoes to goodwill so they are available to people who need them more than a landfill does.


Potassium Graphite can be used to reduce certain parts of a compound to purify a substance such as tetrahydrofuran (THF). It offers a better solution to the difficult and expensive use of ammonia or amines as reducers. It also provides an easier clean up as the leftover solution can be filtered to remove the excess organic products.

Fun Fact!

A new potential use for potassium graphite has been discovered by the invention of the potassium ion battery.


  • Bronze in color
  • Excellent conductor
  • Crystalline
  • Metallic luster
  • Explodes on contact with water