The Raft

S. A. Bodeen

Chapters 5-12

Robie is now on a flight back to Midway. While she is on the air plane there is really bad turbulence because they are in the middle of storm. After a while the turbulence gets worse and worse. All the sudden Max walks up to Robie and tells her to put her life jacket on Robie sitting there in fear doesn't put it on and then gets thrown out of the plane with out the life jacket. She could hardly get back to the surface when she hits the water.
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Connection #4

When Robie hit the water it says it felt cold and wet also it looked black. At night the ocean tends to be colder then it is during the day and you can't see into the water because there is no light so it looks black.
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Connection #8

When Max is screaming Larry's name it is noisy and chaotic. Well that's how it usually sounds when someone is screaming their heads off.