Jefferson Davis

"All we ask is to be let alone."

Birthday and death date

June 3, 1808December 6, 1889

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Varina Howell

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Important Events

Jefferson Davis was the president of confederacy. He was president of the confederate states in February 18, 1861- May 5, 1865. Jefferson Davis was well liked because he was the only Confederate states. He was in an unapproved marriage. He married Zachary Taylor's daughter Sarah. He disapproved of it. Sadly, Sarah died early with the malaria disease.Jefferson is always in front of his men. He would always be the first to expose himself. This was in 1853.


He was the hero of the Mexican-American War and was the only president for the Confederacy.


Playing card games with his generals.

His Career

Jefferson Davis was a Confederate president.


Alabama Capitol, Montgomery.