Texas Annexation

By: Celeste Pensado

The Texas Annexation

"From the beginning, California, Texas and New Mexico were part of Mexico. The US twice offered to purchase California from Mexico, but the Mexican government refused. Then they said that the americans can sit in Texas but they have to follow Mexican laws, customs and religion. By 1835, there were more Americans in Texas than Mexicans. To make matters worse, the Mexican government outlawed slavery in Texas. In 1836, they set up the Republic of Texas. The Mexican leader, Santa Anna, marched his army to Texas to regain the territory."

Are you against it, or with it?

I am personally against this because first of all, nobody should tell someone what to do, or what to think at any circumstances . The other reason why i do not agree with the Texas annexation is because there should not be any slavery anywhere, that is just not fair to anyone. Finally this may cause wars everywhere because of what the Texas annexation is causing.