by vanessa

Violas identity

Viola identifies as a young woman in Illyria trying to make a living. Viola’s main problem throughout the play is one of identity. Because of her disguise, she is to be both herself and Cesario. This identity crisis up rises in the final scene, when Viola finds herself with people who each have a different idea of who she is and don't know who she actually is. In twelfth night, Olivia says, "You’re afraid, so you hide your identity. But don’t be afraid, Cesario" (VI.i.VII).

Violas identity (Shes the Man)

Violas has two different identities in this movie. Viola as a guy views herself as the typical guy trying to make himself a living in the school of Illyria. Being 'Sebastian' she has to try as much as possible to keep in character as her brother. But Viola as a girl views herself as an athletic soccer player who just wants to prove everyone wrong about how a girl can play with the guys soccer team too. She has lots of determination and a passion for soccer that she is willing to change her identity to stand up for something she loves doing, which is playing soccer.
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Violas gender

viola experiences many obstacles trying to perceive herself as a male. Her gender gives her lots of limitations based on the way she acts or speaks as a woman. In order to pass off as a male to work for Duke Orsino, she had to make the sacrifice to mentally and somewhat physically to portray a male. This added on many limitations to her trying to tell Orsino she loves him and that she was a girl all along. While a benefit of all was her trying to make a living in Illyria, she also had the benefit to find out things orsino wouldn't dare tell any servant in the house about how he truly feels about love. Even though she was portraying a male he still opened up to Viola as if she were a girl. "If the only thing keeping us from rejoicing is the fact that I’m wearing men’s clothes, then don’t hug me till I can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that I’m Viola"(IV.i.XII).

Violas Gender (Shes the Man)

Viola experiences her new gender in a very odd manner. Her not physically and mentally being a male, obviously has some challenges having to fit it with the guys. Violas very limited to using the boys bathroom and showering, because it would expose her gender as a female. another difficulty is for her having to change time to time such as the carnival scene when she had to change from Sebastian back to viola. It was difficult to have to change her voice from time to time as well. While on the phone with her mom, she was using her normal voice while she was around the principal which almost got her caught (She's the Man), and while she was talking to Olivia and or Orsino she would use her best impression of a male voice.
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perception on viola

Viola in twelfth night was very cool and calm about her change as a male. she was well enough to pass off to make Olivia fall in love with her, Orsino to talk to her as 'one of the guys' and for everyone around the house to also fairly believe it. I feel as if they see her character as anyone else, although Viola sees herself very differently from what they see. She doesn't think like a guy which makes herself different from who they think she is. When she talks to Orsino she gives out her feelings like a girl would do.

Perception on Viola (Shes the Man)

Viola can be perceived in two different ways, as a guy, and as a girl. But the perception on Viola as a girl is that she isn't good enough to play with the guys soccer team just because she's a girl (She's the Man). They may think she's crazy because she even asked to be on it. A perception on her as a guy though is obviously quite different. Viola as a guy is often looked as weird and off at some points throughout the movie, but then soon get past it. Its different from the way she sees herself because she thought she was playing it off fine and nothing was to be suspected about, but Malcom and Monique both knew what was going on and knew the truth behind violas scam (She's the Man).
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similarities and diffrences

Viola and I both have some similarities and differences. One similarity is both our determination. As viola goes out of her way to make a living in illyria, she had the determination to. A difference is they kind of bravery she had to go out to work for orsino dressed as a man. I wouldn't ever have that sort of bravery to go out there, I would've thought of something different but that probably wouldn't work as well as her plan went.

Similarties and Differences (Shes the Man)

Viola and I have some things in common and some differences altogether. Some similarities is our determination to prove people wrong so we can stand our point. And not much for anything girly, such as her having to be a debutant so her mother could stop bothering her about it (She's the Man). Our only differences are her bravery, I would never be able to play it off as well as she did, nor would I last having to act like a boy. And passion for sports, because I am not much for sports, but for music. Viola has a passion for soccer and would give anything to play, no matter what team. And as for me I am also very passionate about my music.