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Welcome to eWalkThrough Fuel, Volume 2 No. 3, a quarterly communique for the SWPRSC Digital eWalkThrough® System. We are pleased to be in our second full year of this electronic support for eWalkThrough users!

The Digital eWalkThrough System is a research-based, best practice model for effective and efficient instructional leadership. If student success is the destination, education is the engine, and eWalkThrough is the fuel.

Expect the eWalkThrough Fuel quarterly from Dr. Kelly Gillespie, CEO of Southwest Plains Regional Service Center. Our professional learning team is dedicated to the design of innovative solutions that will deliver the results you require for your staff and your students.

eWT Fuel - Volume 2 Number 3

Digital eWalkThrough® System

Instructional leaders need a data-driven system to ensure:

  • feedback is provided instantaneously to promote growth and sustain continuous improvement;
  • resources target instructional priorities; and
  • teachers are supported with differentiated professional learning.

The Digital eWalkThrough System is designed to collect, disaggregate, analyze, and archive classroom data surrounding teaching practice. Instructional leaders can use these data to inform a variety of decisions including delivery of targeted professional learning and allocation of instructional resources. The eWalkThrough also offers the ability to immediately deliver feedback to teachers based on these observations. Teachers embrace feedback. They need feedback. Feedback based on data drives instructional conversations and self-reflection, the essential tenets of excellent teaching.


Fundamentally, eWalkThrough observations are "focused on specific 'look-fors'...[that provide] valuable information about what's working---or NOT working" (Protheroe, 2009, p. 30) in the classroom. These look-fors should be customized based on the priorities and initiatives of the school district or institution of higher education.

The digital eWalkThrough process is resource efficient. Observers collect real-time data which are stored within the tool. An additional feature of eWalkThrough is its ability to generate and send summary reports. Data can be sorted and disaggregated as desired. Visionary, forward-thinking districts are utilizing eWalkThrough data as strong evidence for accreditation, school improvement, and other mandatory state and federal reports.

eWT Fuel Vol. 2 No. 3

eWalkThrough: How can the data be used?

eWalkThrough data are powerful. These data (both quantitive and qualitative) have a wealth of research-based applications. Simply put, these data describe "what is;" therefore, the data also become the fuel to answer questions regarding "what can be." eWalkThrough data can be effectively and efficiently utilized to respond to instructional challenges and to nurture the on-going process of delivering excellent teaching. Specifically, methods to leverage the eWalkThrough data include the following applications.

Describe The State Of Instruction

Building and district leaders often utilize cumulative eWalkThrough data to describe the state of instruction within a grade level, content area, professional learning community, building or across an entire district.

Prioritize Professional Learning Needs

eWalkThrough data are commonly utilized by administrative teams to provide insights and capture priorities regarding professional learning needs of faculty and staff. This practice supports efficient allocation of scarce resources across a district or building.

Nurture Self Reflection

These same eWalkThrough data (aggregated or disaggregated by instructional goal or initiative) are powerful as objective indicators to nurture self-reflection among educators as they consider professional practice.

Time to reflect--to stop and think about what has happened, is happening, and what should happen next--is essential to high quality professional practice (Avery, Beardslee, Ayoub, & Watts, 2008).

Initiate Collaborative Dialogue

The eWalkThrough data may be used (in aggregate or disaggregated sets) to initiate collaborative dialogue, and to coach and mentor individual instructors, instructional teams, professional learning communities, or departments. Creation of the observer team is a critical factor in the on-going success of the eWalkThrough system as this team generates the data. Typical membership on the observer team includes district leaders, building leaders, instructional coaches, and consultants.

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