Before my life flashes

Saja Sharkas

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

My name is Saja and I am a 16 year old girl who loves experiencing new things. I love adventure, nature and the city life. I am also interested in learning about different cultures and the environment. The region of the world I am most interested in and would love to see before I die is Europe due to the nature and the history behind the countries. My favourite type of tourism is Nature tourism, Adventure tourism and Health tourism.
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Skydive over Mount Everest

Skydiving is the ultimate adrenaline rush and is something almost everyone dreams of doing and has on their bucket list. Mount Everest is located in Nepal and is 29,000 feet. I would love to do this before I die so I can witness many of the most gorgeous snow capped mountains and glacial lakes in the eastern world.


Backpacking Europe 2013 (20 Countries in 32 days) - GoPro Hero 3
My top Bucket List entry is definitely to backpack through Europe. I would love to make friends with the locals, see places I have never expected to see and strike a balance between city and country. I would love to take in both the natural beauty of the European countries and also capture the glamour of the city life as well. I also want to learn about the culture of each country including their music, cultural clothing and what type of food the locals eat.There are plenty of activities that I would like to experience if I were to backpack through Europe. Firstly, I want to experience going to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night and looking down to see all the beautiful homes and bright lights. Secondly, I would love to go to Venice,Italy and experience all the local boutiques and cafes and use a gondola as a mode of transportation. I would also love to try out authentic Italian pizza and pasta. And thirdly, one place I would want to visit in Europe would definitely be Pulpit Rock in Norway. This Norwegian Fords has one of the best sceneries in Europe and has a cliff that allows you to view and experience the magnificent panorama of Norway.These are just a few of the examples of places I would go to and things I would do if I were to accomplish my top bucket list entry of backpacking around Europe. If I achieved this goal, I would be involved in Nature tourism, Culture tourism and Social Tourism.