Navigating Rise Vision

Overview of navigating through Rise Vision.

Three Key Sections

Rise Vision consists of three key sections (presentations, displays, and schedules) you will most likely need to navigate at one point or another. I will be breaking each part down for you in this tutorial. If you still have questions or become confused by something, my contact information is at the very bottom of this screen and I will be happy to help.


This is the Presentations screen. In my example, I am using the IMPACT account, but your screen should look very similar. You should see a list of all presentations for the campus and a few buttons for adding templates.
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Additional information provided on this screen includes if the presentation is published (updated on the tv so that everyone can see the changes), when it was last modified and by who.
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On this screen, you also have the option to create a new blank presentation by clicking add or modify an existing template to make it your own. There is only a few relevant templates in general for most campuses, so I always recommend starting from scratch. They can also at times include content zones that are paid apps, which means once the trial is expired that object will no longer work.
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The next screen I want to discuss is Displays. On this screen you are able to get a quick glance at how many displays you have and their status. Each display represents a Chromebox or TV, however you want to look at it.
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There are only a few things here that are going to be important to you. The first is the little hearts next to each display. These heart symbols represent the status of the Chromebox attached to the TV that allows Rise Vision to display your presentation.

Green Heart = Online

Red Heart = Offline

If ever you see a red heart, that means you need to check and make sure the TV is still displaying the appropriate presentation. Don't worry about remembering what color means what, if you hover over the heart it will tell you if it is online or offline. I also wouldn't rush to the device, instead give someone a call who is near the device to check for you. It is not uncommon for these hearts to turn red for just a few moments and come right back, but it can be a first notice that something may be wrong.

In my example, the IMPACT Grill and IMPACT Cafe are both showing offline (red hearts)... looks like I need to see what's going on!

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The next thing I want to mention under the Displays section, is where to find the Display I.D. If, for some reason, the display ask for this I.D after initial setup, it is good to know where to find it. I have not had one do this before, but I feel like it is still important to point out.

Where to find the display I.D:

  1. Click on a Display name.
  2. Look for Display I.D on the left hand side.

When the displays are first configured, this I.D ties the Rise Vision app installed on the chromebox to an account and allows you to assign presentations to it.


The last section to cover is schedules. Schedules tell each individual display to show "X" presentation at "X" time. You have the ability to display different presentations at different times of the day, or have a presentation display on certain days and another on the rest of the week. This can be for temporary purposes (like for an event) or to better utilize the display year round.
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There is not a whole lot of information in the starting screen, so let's take a look at one of IMPACT's schedules as an example. To view more detailed information, simply click on the schedule name.
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Breakdown of Parts

Timeline = When you want the schedule to run.

*This should always be set to all day, no end date.

Distribution = What display will receive this schedule. Usually only one device.

Presentation / URL = What presentation(s) will be displayed on the TV according to this schedule.

In my example, IMPACT has two presentations that display on this device. Impact News is listed twice because it is displayed at two different times of the day, before and after lunch. During lunches, the Impact Grill presentation is displayed with menu items. Click on a presentation to view more details.
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You can adjust when a presentation is displayed by clicking on Edit next to Timeline.

Best of luck and happy editing!