Mo'Ne Davis

Mo'Ne Davis is the most influential person of all athletes.

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Birthday- June 24,2001

Birth Place- Philadelphia, PA

Age- 14

Birth Sign-Cancer

Parents-Lamar Davis and Lakeisha McLean

Mo'Ne natural athletic ability in baseball came to her as early as age 7 when she was already throwing perfect spirals.Mo'Ne parents wedding day was in May ,2011.She played lots of sports.She have a younger brother and sister and older brother.Also,she had a championship in 2013.

Mo'Ne was thirteen when she started baseball.She cut her hair so she could look like a boy and ply baseball. She like seeing girls play baseball.Many people see Mo'Ne as a model for girls. She was the first girl to throw a shutout in Little League baseball world series. Her teammates and coach praise her for leadership skills. Michelle Obama praise Mo'Ne because of baseball.In the text it said'' In late August, she became the first Little Leader to grace the national cover of sports.

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