World Cultures Project

6th Grade Project

The Best World Cultures Project

This project does the following:

  • Exposes the student to other cultures than their own
  • Allows the student to gain more information about a chosen culture
  • Allows the the student to view the human-environment interaction (how and why people move and live to where they do)


The following must be included:
  • The name of the chosen culture (see attachment for list of different cultures) [5 points]
  • Country of Origin [5 points]
  • Continent in which the chosen culture can be found [5 points]
  • Project must be on a "smore" or slideshow [5]
  • Project must be uploaded to Google Classroom [5]
  • Projects turned in on time [5 points]
  • Picture of the culture (flag and persons] [5 points]

Cultures must include:

  • Type of government that the culture has [10 points]
  • Type of religion that the culture has, if no religion state "no religion" [10 points]
  • 10 facts about the culture (about sports, arts, famous people [20 points]
  • How the chosen culture has an affect on the student [25 points]

Extra Credit

  • Provide a video clip of your chosen culture's language [15 points]

  • Do I need a reference page or cite sources? NO
  • How should I structure my "smore" or slideshow? Tackle each bullet-ed point per section or per slide
  • What if I don't get all my information down or in place by the last day of in class computer usage? You can do your assignment during Tiger Time and before or after school before the due date.