Celebrate November!

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A November of Debate Tournaments

Our November was full with back to back tournaments! We are grateful for all the students, debate coaches and volunteers who have shared their November days with us. We do have much to celebrate.

November 1st - Sylvia Fedoruk Elementary Debates on Education

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Beginner (Gr.5-6) and Intermediate (Gr.7-8) students debated the prepared resolution: This house would make elementary school gradeless. and the impromptu motion: This House would make Home Economics mandatory for grade 8 students.

A big thank you goes to...

  • Sarah Myers, Miranda Lowe (principal) and the Sylvia Fedoruk school community for hosting this event!
  • All of the judges: the relatives and friends of debaters, all the USDS members, and all the high school debaters.
  • Our volunteer moderators.
  • All the volunteers who helped the tournament run smoothly.

November 2nd - Saltcoats Elementary Debates on Education

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Beginner and Intermediate Students from Ecole Elsie Mironuck and Regina Huda joined the Saltcoats teams to debate the prepared motion: This House would start high school after noon. and the impromptu motion: This House would significantly increase the number of field trips students take in elementary school. SEDA would like to thank....

  • Candice Baron and the Saltcoats School community for hosting. Candice recruited ALL the judges for this tournament! We were honoured to have Saltcoats Mayor Grant McCallum judge and bring greetings!
  • Saltcoats community members who took time out of their weekend to judge and host the at this event.
  • Our dedicated Saskatoon tabbing experts for rising before the sun on a Saturday to make it out to this tournament!

November 16th - Swift Current Labour Debates

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Elementary and High School students debated three rounds of impromptu Labour resolutions.


for the Elementary debates:

  • This House would pay babysitters minimum wage
  • As parents, This House would pay children extra allowance for getting good grades
  • This House believes employers should encourage employees to work from home when possible.
for the High School debates:
  • In sectors where labor unions exist, THW make membership mandatory
  • This House would ban managers from contacting employees outside of work hours
  • This House regrets the gig economy

A bus from Saskatoon AND Regina travelled to Swift Current!

Our thanks goes out to....

  • Cindy Lowe and the Swift Current Comprehensive High School Business Club who were our excellent hosts!
  • The Swift Current students who volunteered as moderators, and the Swift Current community members who volunteered as judges.
  • The USDS members, Bedford Road students and other volunteers who travelled on the bus from Saskatoon to judge. We appreciate your commitment!
  • Nathan Gill and the Swift Current RBC (Royal Bank) employees who came to judge and gifted SEDA with a tournament sponsorship gift through the Team RBC Grant Volunteer Opportunity!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU - we are grateful for your initiative in applying for this grant on SEDA's behalf, for your support and partnership with us!

November 22nd - Luther College High School Debates

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High School students debated the prepared resolution: This house would decriminalize all drugs. and the impromptu motion: This House supports opt-out organ donation. We would like to extend our thanks to...
  • Kim Greenman, Dr. Mark Anderson (principal) and the Luther College High School team for being our tournament hosts!
  • The Luther College HS and Regina Huda School students who volunteered to moderate
  • The Luther School community members, friends of SEDA and USDS members, who chose to once again a volunteer judge on a Friday night! What a loyal group of friends for SEDA!
  • The trainee judges who came to learn more about debate!
  • Debate teams and coaches who travelled from Yorkton, Swift Current, Prince Albert and Saskatoon for this Friday evening tournament.

Le 22 novembre 2019 - Les débats en français ont eu lieu au tournoi de l'école Luther High School

Nous sommes reconnaissants envers les élèves de l’École canadienne-française - Janie Moyen et Louis Prince et les élèves de l’École Elsie Mironuck - Izzy Chambers, Nyshane Clarke, Aurora Kennedy et Ben Sakatch qui sont venus présenter le débat en français au tournoi Luther!

Nous remercions également les juges francophones qui y sont assistés plus particulièrement, Rosalie UMUHOZA, de l’Association des juristes d'expression française de la Saskatchewan (AJEFS) pour leur collaboration avec le SEDA.

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November 22nd - French Debates at the Luther High School Tournament

We are grateful to École Canadienne-française students - Janie Moyen and Louis Prince and École Elsie Mironuck students - Izzy Chambers, Nyshane Clarke, Aurora Kennedy and Ben Sakatch who came to showcase French debate at the Luther Tournament! We thank the French judges who came as well and Rosalie UMUHOZA, from the Association des juristes d'expression française de la Saskatchewan (French-Speaking Jurists Association of Saskatchewan) for their partnership with SEDA.

Congratulations to Our USDS Partners

Congratulations to the University of Saskatchewan Debate Society!

Wardah Mahmood and Nohl Purdue were the novice champions at the 2019 UBC IV and placed 4th and 5th speaker respectively in the novice division. Abby Vadeboncouer and Leora Diakuw debated in two tournaments that weekend. At the womxn’s round robin they placed 3rd and Leora was the 2nd place speaker. They also placed 10th in the open division of UBC IV with Leora placing 9th overall in speaks. We are so proud to have a strong university debate presence in Saskatoon, and equally excited that so many of them are SEDA alumni!

Upcoming Debates!

Before you get swept up in holiday festivities, think ahead to our January & February debates!

  1. January 10th: Tournament 8, High School, hosted by Carlton in Prince Albert
  2. January 24th: Tournament 9, Elementary, hosted by Greystone Heights in Saskatoon
  3. January 24th: Tournament 10, Elementary, Hosted by Regina Huda School in Regina
  4. February 8th: Tournament 11, All divisions, hosted by the USDS in Saskatoon.

Have you decided which ones you will attend? Keep your eyes on our social media to know when registrations open!

Judging at the 2019 National BP Championships.

If you registered to judge at the 2019 National British Parliamentary Championships from December 6th to 8th at Walter Murray Collegiate, SEDA is offering a supplementary judging seminar! If you are unfamiliar with or new to this style of debate, please join our Chief Adjudicator, Wendy James, on Thursday November 28th at Walter Murray Collegiate. The Seminar will take place from 6:30 to 8:00 PM in room 308 on the third floor. See you there!

It you are interested in volunteering to judge at the National BP Championships - register here:


There will be a Judges briefing on the Friday and Saturday of the BP Nationals!

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