Where Should They Go?

What are the Nazi's doing to do?

Hans Fritzsche

Hans was the head of the radio division. His Radio broadcast was very popular but it included strong Nazi propaganda. Fritzsche became a member of the Nazi party on May 1st, 1933. He first started in the staff of the Reich Government. Fritzsche had a great way with words because people liked listening to him and they agreed with what he said towards Jews.

At the Trail

What Happen to Hans Fritzsche?

Fritzsche was turned over to the IMT (International Military Tribunal) by some Russian troops. Inside the trail, Fritzsche was very unease and scared what was about to happen to him and his fellow Nazi members. He was set free and was not sent back to Russia. Later he was tried in a German Court but he was free then too. He soon later died of cancer on September 27, 1953.