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E-Bot 9000

E-Bot 9000 is the Ultimate Student-Friendly Robot

This user-friendly robot will fulfill all your child's needs. Whether it be an extra lesson in chemistry or a few more practice sheets concerning trigonometry, this robot has it all. Students of all ages can find this robot useful. From Grade 6 to Grade 12, all you would ever need to know is in this robot.

Why should Zarb industries choose E-Bot 9000?

Well, our company chose the E-Bot 9000 because we knew that many students have trouble remembering the lesson that was taught at school and often forgot their notes. Some students don't even take notes! We don't want students getting bad marks because of simple mistakes like carelessness and forgetfulness. CO.CO. Inc. thought long and hard and we came up with the best solution ever: E-Bot 9000! Not only does the E-Bot help students relearn what was taught at school in a amusing fashion, it also encourages studying and school related activities. Soon your child will be studying without any additional nagging from their parents.

Who needs E-Bot?

CO.CO. Inc. decided to program this robot with all the needs of a 12-18 year-old. School work increases in these years which require that students manage their time better. Sure, anyone can do their homework in the allotted time period, but what happens if you forget what your supposed to be doing? Disaster! That's why students in grade 6 to grade 12 need the E-Bot 9000 in this time of their life.

E-Bot 9000 Comes in Different Sizes!

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