Ms. Farrell's Newsletter

8th Grade Literacy -- Vista PEAK Exploratory

Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to the start of the school year here at Vista PEAK Exploratory. I am excited to get to know your student and their abilities in reading and writing. As we develop our skills, I believe your student will see the value and necessity in excelling in the language arts.

It is said that we are more likely to remember something we are studying if we are laughing and having fun in the process, therefore I think it’s crucial that we create a positive classroom environment together. Your student’s input is always welcome and their insight is celebrated.

I allow your student to choose what they read throughout the year. We will have a few assigned novels and short texts that we read in groups in order to cultivate our ability to communicate ideas and promote higher levels of comprehension. However, because I allow for choice, please be aware of what your student is reading if you hope to guide their decisions on content.

Now a little about myself: I have a BA in English from the University of Northern Colorado and I received my English Education license after completing the notable secondary teacher education program at Metro State University in Denver. I am very pleased to be in a career that showcases my passion for literature, writing, and language on a daily basis. I am excited to share my enthusiasm for the subject with your student. Together, we will tackle the content in engaging ways.


Ms. Farrell

Looking forward...

To success!

I expect the students to: complete all assignments, be on time to class each day, respect our learning environment and everyone involved, participate in class, and communicate any difficulties that they may have with the content material.

You can expect me to: complete grading in a timely manner, respect student differences, recognize and value their learning styles, and keep all communication lines open for you and your student(s).

I believe that each student has the ability to learn and comprehend the material assigned. If for any reason a student is struggling, I am willing to meet with them before and after school, by appointment, to address the areas in which they need help. Any student that takes this time seriously is always welcome to visit after hours for tutoring.

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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”William Butler Yeats