May 9 - 13

EOG Dates

Reading: May 25

Math: May 26

Social Studies: May 31

Science: June 1

Donations Reminder

If you are able to, please send in white t-shirts for the End of the Year surprise!

Homework Hut

Last day for homework hut is Wednesday, May 11.

Hotspot Tutoring

Last day for hotspot tutoring is Thursday, May 12.

This Week's Learning Topics


I can use different strategies to comprehend a text.

All Informational standards as a review

R.I.5.1, R.I.5.2, R.I.5.3, R.I.5.4, R.I.5.5

R.I.5.6, R.I.5.7, R.I.5.8, R.I.5.9, R.I.5.10


I can review previously taught material.

  • Base Ten

  • All standards with real life word problems

  • Fraction

  • Operations with Decimals


I can review previously taught material.

Force & Motion