November 16, 2020

Dear Davis Hill Community,

As we look ahead to our transition to hybrid learning later this week, there certainly is a mixture of excitement and anxiety in the air. The transition to in-person learning at this time of the year is unique, and while we have years of experience opening a school building, it certainly is a first for us to do it in this fashion under the current circumstances. I am thankful to be a part of Davis Hill where our DHCommunity (students, staff and parents/ caregivers) all pitch in to support.

I would echo for the most part my words from last week (see below) in respect to what we may expect over the next few weeks. Transitions are not easy, and we, as a community, will need to understand that the routines/ structures established during remote learning will be changing as we transition into hybrid learning.

We will continue to be working throughout this week to ensure that we are as 'ready' as possible for our transition to hybrid. We want to support our students and families the best we can, while also understanding that we will rely on our community support to make this transition work.

Please keep an eye on email this week for more information. Additionally, please note that as of my sending this notice (11/15/2020 @12:30pm) bus information is not yet available for parents/ guardians. As soon as I am aware that this is available, I will send along a message.

FROM 11/9/2020 UPDATE:

We appreciate the continued support our staff is receiving from the DH Community. The challenges that we are facing are unique and the only way that we will continue to move forward is by coming together with a shared goal of supporting our students.

Provided the transition that is on the horizon, I want to ensure that our community is aware of the complexity of the road that is ahead of us. I know that together, we can travel this road successfully; however, I have been involved in education long enough to understand that with transitions come challenges.

As a community, the move to remote learning in the beginning of the school year was a historic change. While we faced our fair share of 'bumps' on the road, we talked openly about the need to rely on our relationships/ communication and feedback. This was important provided the awareness that we needed a 'starting' point to begin the year, and then we would need to adapt based on observations and feedback.

As we make the change to hybrid learning, our staff once again is tasked with managing a significant shift in routine and practice. As we move forward, we will once again need to acknowledge that the changes in our current routines will require us to ensure that we remain committed to a high level of communication, understanding and support of one another. Much like in September, as we move to hybrid our 'starting point' will be just that, a starting point. As we gain experience and we observe first hand the ebb and flow of our daily routines, we will make adjustments and refine our practices.

Lately, I am often reminded of a few of my favorite Winton Churchill quotes:

-"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

-“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

-"Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb."

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!


Jay Norton, Principal


My ability to respond to email communication continues to be significantly impacted by volume (including meetings/ staff support/ building needs/ etc.) and I expect this to continue over the next few weeks as well. If I have not responded within two days, please feel free to re-email me.


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The Reopening Plan for Davis Hill was shared originally on 10/27/2020. If any major updates are made to the Reopening Plan, I will share and highlight those sections. In the sections below I am attempting to provide some quick 'overview' information from the plan.


This week, our Cohort B students will begin in-person instruction on Thursday, November 19th and Friday, November 20th. Cohort A students will be remote on these days.

Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th will be the first in-person days of school for Cohort A students. Cohort B will be remote on these days.

Please see schedule reminder below from Reopening Plan:

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DH Students will consistently receive three messages:

1. Social Distancing (maintaining 6 feet of separation)

2. Wear a Mask (unless during a mask break/ snack/ lunch)

3. Frequent Hand Washing and Sanitizing

A few quick notes here.

-The hallways have been marked to support visually 6-feet of separation as students transition. Tables and desks have been set-up to support 6-feet of separation.

-The District has purchased wipes/ sanitizer for school use. Subsequently, we do not need donations in this area at this time.

-Please note the information in the ReOpening Plan regarding masks:

Mask/Face Covering and Mask Breaks

As the primary route of transmission for the COVID-19 virus is respiratory, masks or face coverings are among the most critical components of risk reduction. Below is an overview of general mask guidelines:

  • All students and adults are required to wear a mask/face covering that covers their nose and mouth.

  • All masks/face covering should be a minimum of 2-ply.

  • Exceptions to mask/face covering requirements will be evaluated on an individual basis.

  • Mask breaks will occur throughout the day at each teacher’s discretion. Breaks will occur when students can be at least six feet apart and ideally outside or with the windows open.

  • Students and adults will receive guidance on how to properly remove and put on a mask.

  • Masks/face coverings will be provided by the student/family. Students are asked to bring two (2) masks to school each day. Extra disposable face masks will be made available by the school as needed.

  • Reusable masks/face coverings provided by families should be washed by families daily.

  • Masks/face coverings are required to be worn by everyone on school buses.





A few quick overview items of note:

-Based on our data, we will have a large number of parent drop off students and walkers.

-Staff will begin duty at 8:50AM (We will be monitoring this timing as we may need to adjust provided the timing of entry).

-Do not drop off students at school unless staff have reported for duty and have provided the signal that it is OK to begin to unload.

-The key to drop off and entry will be to have students moving as they enter the building. We will be avoiding lines and grouping outside of the building. My goal is to make some videos that I can share out during the week to support a 'visual' for families specific to parent drop off and walkers.

-It is understood that our kindergarten students and new DH students have not been inside of the building. It is also understood that students have changed grades and many may not know exactly where their new classrooms are. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a "Open House' or walkthrough this year prior to opening. We will have our staff available throughout the building during our first days of reentry to support students in getting to classrooms. My experience has been that students adapt to finding their way to classrooms very quickly and provided that they have familiarity with staff (albeit virtually), I expect the majority of our students will manage this without need for significant support.

Please see from the Reopening Plan:

  • Parents/guardians will enter the main driveway and pull around to the right side of the driveway.

  • Parents who are dropping off will enter the active drop-off line and will proceed to the designated student drop-off area.

  • Students will exit the vehicle, wearing a mask, from the passenger side door and will enter the building from the front door.

  • Staff will be located on the curbside to ensure safe crossing to the sidewalk if necessary.

  • Students will then proceed to the main entrance and enter the front doors and transition directly to their classroom.


For walking families, thank you for filling out the Google Form. Provided the number of walkers and social distancing guidelines, we are going to need our families support for those that choose to walk. We are working out timing / details and I will be sending out additional information for walkers and holding a virtual check-in on Tuesday @ 7:00PM for any families with additional questions. Link is HERE.

*Please note: We will need PATIENCE and FLEXIBILITY over the next few weeks for working out any issues regarding walkers/ pick-ups/ drop-offs. I will be sending along video tutorials; however, we will need parents/ guardians/ caregivers to be patient, support our staff and follow staff guidance during this time.


I can not say enough about our classroom teachers and their ability to manage the various transitions we've asked them to undertake since March. As we move forward, please understand the following:

-Classroom Teachers will be providing classroom specific schedules and general information.

-Over the next few weeks, we have a responsibility to train, review and support our in-person students in learning and practicing our hybrid procedures. This will take time. Until we have a few weeks of practice, and we experience the 'stops and starts' of a typical school day operating with hybrid procedures, we will need support and patience from our students and families.

-During a typical school year, when introducing students into the building and practicing routines, it takes a minimum of a few weeks to build routines and iron out any 'issues'. I would tend to believe that a similar timeline will exist as we enter the hybrid phase of re-entry.


From Reopening Plan:


  • Lunch will occur in the cafeteria and gym where students will sit in an assigned seat at a desk.

  • Student desks will be 6 ft or more apart from any adjacent desk.

  • Posted in the cafeteria/ gym will be reminders for social distancing.

  • Staff will be on duty to remind students of health and safety precautions during the lunch block.

  • Prior to entering the cafeteria, students will wash or sanitize their hands.

  • Students who have brought lunch from home will proceed directly to their assigned seat. Disposable lunch containers/bags are recommended (However, lunch boxes are allowed).

  • Students who are purchasing a lunch will proceed directly to the lunch pick-up station. After receiving lunch, they will proceed to their assigned seat.

  • Once seated, students will be allowed to remove their mask.

  • Prior to dismissal or leaving their seat, students will replace their face mask.

  • Following lunch, students will dispose of trash, then sanitize their hands.

**Please note- Students will have assigned seats during lunch and students will be facing in the same direction.


  • Students will be required to wear masks during recess.

  • Recess will take place during the Lunch/Recess block each day (for approx 20-25 minutes).

  • Prior to beginning recess, students will use hand sanitizer or wipes.

  • Students will leave lunch boxes lined up by class outside.

  • At the end of recess when lining up by classes, students will stand in line maintaining social distance.

  • Students will transition into the building one class at a time maintaining appropriate physical distancing.

  • Students will wash/sanitize their hands upon entering the classroom.

**Please note, we will be trying to go outside as much as possible so please send students to school with appropriate layers/ jackets/ etc.

**We will be trying to support recess in a developmentally appropriate manner while also maintaining safety guidelines.

**Initially, we will not be using recess equipment (swings/ structures).

Please note: Our lunch and recess blocks are set up to support one grade level at a time.


In preparation for hybrid learning, Mrs. Berquist is looking to schedule times for parents/ guardians to drop off medication at the building. Please see the 'Medication Drop Off Instructions' document.

Mrs. Berquist has stated that she will be available 8:30- 2:30 next week for medication drop off. However, PLEASE EMAIL Mrs. Berquist to set-up a drop off time (as she may meet you at front to make it easier).

Please see the following notes from Mrs. Berquist:

  • Parent/guardian must make an appointment for a specific time to come to school to bring completed medication orders, and medications to the school nurse (See Google Form).

  • Parent/guardian must wear mask and follow each school entry protocols.

  • Medications must be in pharmacy labeled containers with the student’s name, medication and dosage, and correct administration instructions on label.

  • Only a 30 day supply of controlled medications will be accepted.

  • Medication order must have physician and parent signature- it must be filled out by the student’s MD with correct medication, route, dosage, and time for administration.

Copy of Medication Policy District

Physician Medication Order/Consent - for PreK-8
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Daily COVID-19 Screening:

It is critical for families to ensure that they are screening their children daily for COVID symptoms as we move into a hybrid learning model. The screener is available on our District homepage or using this link.


The WRSD foodservice department is currently looking to hire cafeteria workers throughout our district schools (there are NOT openings at Davis Hill at the moment).

Job hours are between 8-3pm and range between 3 - 5 hour shifts.

Please contact Supervisor of School Nutrition, Margaret Barton at 508-829-1670 x278 or margaret_barton@wrsd.net

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Virtual Vendor Fair

Check out the link below for Davis Hill PTA's Virtual Vendor Fair! The 'Virtual Fair' will be running from November 1st through Mid-December!

Thank you Davis Hill PTA!

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Return to School Reminders from Health Office

  • All Medication orders must be renewed each school year. New Medication orders and medication/s should be brought in by appointment to the school nurse by an adult. Students are not allowed to transport medications to school. (the two exceptions are: Epipens or rescue inhalers that a student carries in their backpack)The school nurse must be notified of any self- carry medications.

Medication order forms can be downloaded off the school website using the

Health tab on the website. Allergy action plans can also be downloaded

  • ALL medications administered at school must have a physician order and parent permission (signature on form). This includes prescription and over the counter medications. Please see medication policy on the website.

  • All students must be fully immunized by the first day of school. The only exceptions are written documentation from a doctor for medical exemptions or a written document by parent/guardian stating due to religious beliefs your child has not been vaccinated. The exemption forms must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. Those not fully vaccinated may be excluded from school if a immunization preventable disease occurs at school. Please remember that the influenza vaccine has been mandated by MDPH . You must send in one of the two exemptions if your child will not be receiving the influenza vaccine by December 31 2020.

  • All new students including kindergarten students are required to have an updated physical and immunization record on file.

  • Students entering the 4th grade need to have an updated physical and immunization record on file in the health office. Please send in as soon as they get their physical.

  • Students in 5th grade who did not send in an updated physical and immunization in 4th grade will need to send in ASAP.

  • Students in grades 2-12 will be required to wear a mask, K and one students are strongly encouraged to wear a mask.

  • Please contact the health office - Sandra Berquist for any questions or concerns about any health related issues.

Thank you,


Sandra Berquist BSN RN NCSN

Davis Hill School Nurse

Email: sandra_berquist@wrsd.net

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*Upcoming Important Dates (Of course this year... Things are always subject to change!)

November 18th: Second Quarter Begins

November 19th and November 20th: Cohort B In School for In-Person Learning

November 23rd and November 24th: Cohort A in School for In-Person Learning

November 25th, 26th and 27th: No School/ Thanksgiving Break


Packet Pick-Up

'Packet Pick-Up Day' for the school will continue to be on Fridays from 8:00AM-5:30PM.

Please remember that individual grades and/ or teachers may not always have a packet week-to-week and may have other procedures. Please read communication from your child's teacher for their specific procedures.


WRSD 2020-2021 Calendar Link HERE



Thanks to a kind DH Parent... please check out this site if you have any questions/ concerns about your child and their well being during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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