Na Kapu Aina 'O Hawaii

The sacred Land of Hawaii


"They Took The Land They Took Aloha Overthrew The Queen Even Though They didn’t know her Suppressed Ikaika And the Kupuna Broke The Ohana But They couldn’t Take The Mana" (Mana Kaleilani Caceres). In 1893 the Island of Hawaii was overthrown. Three of the main guys that was apart of the overthrow was Minister John L. Stevens, President Grover Cleveland, and President William Mckinley. Out of three of the these guys only one supported the idea of giving Hawaii back to its rightful Queen. The other two guys had no intentions of giving Hawaii back but keeping it as a territory.

Over all summary

Back in the of 1893 the Hawaiian islands were over thrown. By who? Well the Hawaiian islands where taken over by the united states. The three men that are mention above are three people that play a big role in the over take. One of the men President Grover Cleveland was the only person that was against it. The reason why he was important is because even though he didn't want this over take to happen he didn't do anything to stop it. As for President Willam Mckinley he was all for making the Hawaii Islands a territory. It is said that he signed treaty stating that Hawaiian gave up their rights to America. But thats not true because the treaty that he claims the Hawaiian sign was never even a real thing. Then theirs Minister John L. Stevens. He is the main person that took part in this Overthrow. He was known for his conspiring against the queen with him, Sanford Dole, and Lorrin Thurstin.