5th Grade PBL

Making Decisions in the Face of Peer and Media Pressures

Anti-Bullying Rap by Bars & Melody

In this performance, two young boys rap about bullying and why we should stand up against it.


Dealing with Peer Pressure

What is peer pressure? Why do people sometimes give in to peer pressure? Find out the answer to these questions and more by clicking here.

Say "No!" to Smoking

Many people who smoke began because they gave into peer pressure. Find out how you can protect your body and turn down this nasty habit by clicking here.

D.A.R.E. Kids in America

You are a D.A.R.E kid! Learn about how other D.A.R.E. kids are encouraging others to make well-informed, responsible decisions?

What is a Public Service Announcement (PSA)?

Watch these videos in the order that they are listed.

  • After the first video: What do you notice about the tone? Pay attention to the music, the energy behind the speaker, and the message that is being delivered. Click here to share your observations with Noble Crossing's 5th graders.

  • After the second video: How is the second PSA different than the first? Think specifically about the music that was chosen, the speaker's message, and the overall energy behind the PSA? Click here to share your observations.

  • After the third video: This video is distinctly different than the first two PSAs you watched. What tools and strategies did the creators use to effectively communicate their message? Click here to share your thinking.

  • After the fourth video: The way the message is delivered in this PSA is very unique. Who do you think the intended audience for this PSA was? Explain your thinking here by clicking here.

  • Watch the fifth video and then take some time to consider what you have seen and heard about public service announcements. What are some take-aways that you have learned? How can this learning help you/your group with your PSA? Click here to share your final thoughts and reflections.