Save the Black Spider Monkey

By: Anthony Castor

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Facts about Black Spider Monkeys

The black spider monkey also called the red faced spider monkey are one of seven species monkeys found in the amazon. The Black Spider Monkey plays a vital to help spread seeds all across the rain forest to help it grow bigger and stronger than before.

What threatens the spider monkey

There are many things that threaten the Black Spider Monkey but one of the most threatening things are hunting of the Black Spider and Destruction of the Rain forest. If any of these things were to cause the extinction of the Black Spider the effects on the ecosystem could be fatal to everything.

What actions should be taken to conserve the spider monkeys

There should be laws in place to have only a certain amount a year to be killed. And they should also place a few laws that will allow a some trees to be cut down every year in order to maintain an ecosystem.

How can you help?

At World Wildlife fund offer ways to help. They take donations that help them conserve animal that are endangered or on the verge of being endangered like the Black Spider Monkey

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