ARES The God Of War

Dylan Miller

Things about my god ares

Roman name- Mars

Mother- Hera

Father- Zeus

Children- Erotes, Eroesand, Anteros, Phobos, Deimos, phlegyas, Harmonia, and Adrestia

Spouse- Aphrodite and many other women

symbols- Spear and the Helmet

Ares - god of violence and short tempered

I am like Ares because sometimes i am short tempered and get mad easy but not the violence and blood part. Ares is some times blood thirsty and i am not like that i am just sometimes short tempered and also sometimes get mad easy.i choose ares cause he is sometimes short tempered with people and is violence but not the violence part cause i do not do violence at all


  1. Did many chariot races
  2. Often wore full battle armor
  3. Did not care for the right and wrongs
  4. Short tempered
  5. Didn't care about anything else while in battle very focused in battle
  6. many gods and goddess did not trust Ares
  7. Two of his children fought in battles with him
  8. Loved Aphrodite and had children with her and other women
  9. His throne on mt. Olympus was said to be covered in human skin
  10. He was best in battle when by Heracles
ABOUT: MARS (Roman God of War)