Bryan Adams Feeder Pattern Updates

October 19, 2015

Bayles Superhero Team Participates in the Teaching Trust's Executive Ed Training

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It's My Park Day - Saturday, October 24th, 9AM-NOON

Individuals, business/community groups and corporate teams are invited to organize and participate in beautification projects at their neighborhood parks.

Sign up by October 16th at or call Park & Rec at (214) 670-1923.

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Coordinated School Health Try-It Tuesday

Employee Wellness

  • Try to commit to one small change from the My Health Booster in the CATCH Coordination Toolkit (i.e., move more during passing periods, walk with coworkers after school, etc.)
  • Try to coordinate a staff luncheon with all GO or SLOW foods.
  • During National School Lunch Week*, try to let students see you eating a GO Food in cafeteria.
  • Try to coordinate with parents and students to participate in the or the Healthy Harvest Fun Run/Walk. National Observance or Dallas Event designated on CSH Calendar.
  • Provide teachers with stress balls during World Mental Health Day, as well as numerous stress-reducing techniques (i.e., count to ten, take a deep breath, go for a walk, etc.).

Hill's Superhero Team Participates in the Teaching Trust's Executive Ed Training

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PK Training

There will be information presented to the elementary principals on Oct. 21 regarding a Pre-K CLASS Academy for teachers who are interested in participating. There will be 10 sessions beginning in November based on emotional support, classroom organization, and instructional support. The sessions will be after school. It looks like it will be great training so I encourage teachers who would like additional support to participate. Start thinking about that now and let your principal know if you are interested in order to be ready to submit when the information is released.

Reasoning Mind

Reasoning Mind audits are this week. It is just a check. Please do not adjust what you are doing.

Texas schools alter student instruction metric

This year onward, Texas public schools will measure student instruction in terms of minutes, rather than days. Previously they had to provide 180 days of instruction; however, the metric has been altered to 75,600 minutes, meaning that if a school needs to make up extra time, they can add minutes to current school days instead of adding additional days to the school calendar. The Texas Education Agency’s Debbie Ratcliffe said it will avoid situations where make-up days are scheduled for occasions such as Good Friday.

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PD Days and Work Days

PD Days and Teacher Work days are scheduled as follows:

PD Days:

October 19, 2015

November 9, 2015

January 4, 2015 (campus decision)

Teacher Work Days:

January 5, 2016 (campus decision)

June 3, 2016

Casa View's Superhero Team Participates in the Teaching Trust's Executive Ed Training

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TEI - Upcoming Dates

October 23 - New SLO submitted for staff impacted by leveling

November 5 - First DTR Application deadline

December 15 - SLO Goal_Accomplishment submitted for one semester courses

Literacy Cadre

Professional Development for 3-5 grade reading cadre members will be November 11, 2015 from 2-5. Your cadre team should spend the next six weeks implementing what was learned during last week's training on Generating Text Dependent Questions through content PLCs and classroom observations to look for implementation.

The next round of PD for K-2 reading teachers will be October 20-22. Please remind teachers who have been in attendance to arrive on time and ready for learning. Thank you to our host sites for accommodating this training.

Commissioner Williams shortens Grades 3-8 STAAR assessments

AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Michael Williams today notified school districts and charters that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will reduce the length of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) in grades 3–8 for the 2016 spring administrations.

“House Bill 743, which was passed by the Legislature earlier this year, requires STAAR assessments be designed so 85 percent of students can complete the grades 3–5 assessments in two hours and 85 percent of students can complete the grades 6–8 assessments in three hours,” said Commissioner Williams. “The steps I’m announcing for the coming school year are merely the first as TEA works to meet the legislative requirements while also balancing the validity and reliability of each assessment.”

To meet this legislative requirements of HB 743, TEA will take the following actions in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years:

For 2016 only, TEA will remove all currently-embedded field-test questions for STAAR grades 3–8, which will reduce the length of each assessment by five to eight questions.

TEA has also redesigned the 2016 STAAR grades 4 and 7 writing tests so they will be completed in one four-hour administration.

In addition, Commissioner Williams advised that TEA will also collect detailed data during the spring 2016 test administration on the time it takes students to complete the assessments. That data will then be used to determine how to adjust the STAAR grades 3–8 assessments for spring 2017 testing to more precisely meet the testing time requirements of HB 743.

To read Commissioner Williams’ letter to school districts, visit,_State_of_Texas_Assessments_of_Academic_Readiness_%28STAAR®%29_Grades_3–8_Assessments.

Paint the Town Purple

October is nationally recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The City of Dallas' Domestic Violence Task Force is launching a PAINT THE TOWN PURPLE domestic violence awareness campaign throughout the month of October.

Participants are asked to Paint Yourselves Purple in solidarity of the cause and to come together as community to help end domestic violence in Dallas. For you this may be wearing a purple ribbon on your lapel for the month of October, for others it may be painting one fingernail purple, or wearing purple to work.

For your neighborhood, it may be switching out your porch lights to purple bulbs for the month of October, or placing purple ribbons on your door wreath. Offices may have their employees wear purple on Fridays, change their storefronts to a purple theme, have purple flowers in their lobbies, or to host "lunch and learn" seminars to learn more about domestic violence prevention and resources available to them in their workplace. You can demonstrate your support and commitment to ending domestic violence however you like.

The Taskforce hopes to not only educate the public about this public safety issue, but also to bring the community together in solidarity to end domestic violence in our City. It is your job to change the culture of silence that surrounds domestic violence. I hope you will help us Paint the Town Purple in October.

Thanks to a generous donation from Walmart, the Taskforce was able to purchase purple light bulbs for citizens to use in their porch lights. There are thirty locations throughout Dallas where you can pick up a FREE purple light bulb to put in your porch light.

Compliance Videos We All Love To Watch

Districtwide Compliance Related Trainings for Campus Personnel & Administrators

The due date for the completion of all videos is October 31, 2015.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bullying Prevention for Administrators, Teachers, and Staff

Darkness to Light (Child Sexual Abuse)

Let's Talk About It: Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and other Maltreatment of Children

Diabetes Overview

Legal Issues: Sexual Harassment

Suicide Prevention: Don't Keep It a Secret

Texas Educators' Code of Ethics

What You Need to Know About Concussions


Monday, October 19, 2015

  • Student Holiday / Staff PD

  • Tuesday, October 20, 2015

      • Literacy Cadre at Casa View

    • Wednesday, October 21, 2015

        • District Principals Meeting at Hulcy
        • Literacy Cadre at Sanger

      • Thursday, October 22, 2015

          • Literacy Cadre at Smith

          • Cougars vs. North Dallas at 7:00 PM Loos - Couch Field

          • Teacher of the Year Ice Cream Social

          • Bryan Adams Fall Show

        • Friday, October 23, 2015

            • Bryan Adams Fall Show

            Testing Dates


            Dec-Jan--Written Compositions (K-12)

            7--STAAR EOC English 1 (9-12)

            9--STAAR EOC English II (9-12)

            7-11--STAAR EOC Algebra I, Biology, US History (9-12)

            10-18--ACP (K-5)

            15-18--ACP (6-12)


            6-27--Isaton's ISIP Assessment MOY (K-2)


            2--SAT (Grade 11)

            7-April 6--TELPAS (K-12)

            29--STAAR EOC English I (9-12)

            29--STAAR Writing Day 1 (Grades 4 & 7)

            29--STAAR Math (Grades 5 & 8)

            30--STAAR Writing Day 2 (Grades 4 & 7)

            30--STAAR Reading (Grades 5 & 8)

            31-STAAR EOC English II


            4-15--STAAR ALT 2 Assessment Window (3-8 & EOC)

            4-8--ES & HS Art Performance ACP (Grades 5, 9-12)

            12-15--Student Survey Window (Grades 3-12)

            12-22--ITBS/LOGRAMOS Window (K-2)

            18-19--ES Gym ACP (Grade 4)

            18-29--Secondary Band Performance ACP (Grades 6-12)

            20-21-ES Music Performance ACP (Grade 3)


            9-24--Middle School Gym Performance ACP (Grades 6-8)

            16-19--Middle School Art Performance ACP (Grade 7)

            2-6--STAAR EOC Algebra I, Biology, US History (9-12)

            9--STAAR Math (Grades 3,4,6,7)

            9--STAAR Math Re-test (Grades 5 & 8)

            10--STAAR Reading (Grades 3,4,6,7)

            10--STAAR Reading Re-test (Grades 5 & 8)

            11--STAAR Science (Grades 5 & 8)

            12--STAAR Social Studies (Grade 8)

            2-27--Istation's ISIP Assessment EOY (K-2)

            18-26--ACP (Grades 3-5)

            27-June 2--ACP (Grades 6-12)


            • Bryan Adams High School - Principal Richard Kastl
            • Gaston Middle School - Principal Susie Stauss
            • Hill Middle School - Principal Candace Ruiz
            • Bayles Elementary - Principal Robby Wilson
            • Casa View Elementary - Principal Oscar Aponte
            • Gill Elementary - Principal Damien Stovall
            • Hexter Elementary - Principal Jennifer Jackson
            • Kiest Elementary - Principal Yazmine Cruz
            • Reilly Elementary - Principal Marion Jackson
            • Reinhardt Elementary - Principal Phoebe Montgomery
            • Sanger Elementary - Principal Hector Martinez
            • Smith Elementary - Principal Lora Morris