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Jones Center Families,

I heard someone talk about the opportunity that the current pandemic provides us and it has stuck with me. Opportunity: a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Similar words…chance, lucky chance, good time, golden opportunity…it kind of makes you take pause and look at the pandemic differently.

While most of us are struggling with the pandemic in some form or fashion, I would encourage you to take pause and reflect on the opportunities that this event has given us. From my own personal experiences, I have been forced to slow down. With two kids in elementary school, we are constantly on the go! Whether it is baseball, soccer, basketball or dance there always seems to be somewhere to go or someone to shuttle. With my husband and I both working full-time it has always been a balancing act and a logistical miracle that we have made great connections with others so we have yet to miss a practice…or forget a kid somewhere!

The pandemic has brought a lot of heartache and stress to families, it is so easy to ruminate in that negative space. I challenge you during this pandemic to think about your emotional hygiene as much as we focus on our physical hygiene. Psychologist, Dr. Guy Winch, encourages people to change your response to failure, protect your self-esteem, and battle negative thinking in order to build your emotional resilience and thrive. Taking pause and looking at the opportunities before us also assists us in practicing emotional hygiene.

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to look at education through a different lens. The one thing that we know is that relationships are the foundation of our learning. To quote James Comer, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” Relationships are what we do best at the Jones Center! We are like a family, and through those relationships we will continue to reach out to each and every student to continue to educate them and support their needs.

As we navigate this “different” educational world this year we extend grace and flexibility. We know that things will constantly be changing and we will navigate that change together. We remind ourselves that “different” is not bad…it is just different. Together we can continue to grow into this and not just focus on our physical hygiene but our mental hygiene as well. Remember to protect your self-esteem and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH! We are all in this together.

Tara Kalis


Teacher Assignments

If your family has completed the annual residency verification process, you should have received class placement information in an email.

All Park Hill families are required to complete the online residency verification process before student enrollment is finalized and a class placement is made. We are unable to send classroom placement information to households who have not verified residency.

If you did not receive class placement information, please call the school office at 816-359-4510 to verify residency within the Park Hill School District. All Park Hill families must provide a copy of your lease or mortgage statement and one utility bill. Students will not be permitted to begin the 2020-2021 school year without having this verification of residency.

Grade Level Teachers

From Nurse Coleman

Hi! I am Melissa Coleman, and I so excited to be your new nurse at the Jones Center this year. I know things have changed a lot since you were last here, but I am excited to work with students, families, and staff to keep the building as safe and healthy as possible. I wanted to touch base with you all on a few reminders, as well as, a few changes for the upcoming school year.

Immunizations: Every student must be up to date on all immunizations, in order to start school on September 8th. Please reach out if you have a question about your child’s status, I sent letters and follow up emails to those needing immunizations, so if you haven't heard from me already, no new immunizations are needed at this time.

Medications: All non-prescription, over-the-counter medication must be sent in the original container with written instructions by the parent or physician. Before any prescription medication can be administered, it must be in a prescription labeled bottle accompanied by a doctor's note, and the Medication Authorization Form must be completed and signed by the parent or guardian. Parents must bring all medication to the health room; please do not send it with a student. All necessary forms can be obtained from the office.

Allergies: Students with food allergies that are prescribed Epipens must have a FARE form completed by a physician and a medication authorization form completed by a parent/legal guardian. Please let me know if you need a copy.

Masks: Must be worn in school at all times. They are encouraged to be cleaned daily. If your child needs an additional mask, I will have some available in the health room.

Cough drops: We will not be allowing students to have cough drops this year. If a student is coughing persistently enough to need a cough drop, we would prefer them stay at home.

Health room visits: We are limiting the number of health room visits by equipping the staff with health supply boxes to handle minor issues in the classroom.

Illnesses: Please be sure to follow all screening guidelines provided by the district prior to sending your child to school. Guidelines will be provided anytime your child is sent home.

I am here and happy to help should you have any questions at all. I know these times are uncertain, but I am confident we will get through this together! Don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions at all!

Thank you so much!

Melissa Coleman,


Text Message Alerts

Families told us they preferred text messages to phone calls, so we added this communication tool through SchoolMessenger on August 19. We are using this service to periodically send you information.

On August 19, you received this message from the number 67587:

  • “Jones Center alerts. Reply Y 2 confirm, HELP 4 info. Msg&data rates may apply. Msg freq varies.”

If you did not get this message, try updating your cell phone number:

  1. Log into “Campus Parent”
  2. Select “More” from the left menu
  3. Click “Family Info” and find your name
  4. Click “Update”
  5. Enter the cell phone you wish to receive text messages

**Please note that only guardians can receive district text messages.


Please make sure the Jones Center office has up-to-date contact information, throughout the school year. In addition to parents/guardians, we should always have at least two current emergency contacts on file.

Technology: Students in 6-12th grade should have received a district email with directions on picking up their student device. If you need assistance, you can call the front office or the technology help desk at 816.359.5000, Monday - Friday, 7:00a - 5:00p.

Backpacks: This summer we discouraged the use of backpacks for our elementary students. We have learned more since then to allow students to bring their backpacks each day. We are hoping this will make it easier for students to bring essential supplies to and from school. Middle school and high school students will have a laptop case to carry to and from home

Mask: Everyone is required to wear a mask. We will provide each child and staff member with two reusable masks, but they may use their own if they prefer. Due to our limited supply, we will be unable to continually provide masks, please keep track of those that have been provided.

Water Bottle: We are asking students and staff members to please come to school and work with a water bottle, if possible. We have purchased water bottles for all students to use at school, but they have not yet arrived. Students and staff members can fill from one of our water fill stations instead of using the water fountain.

Charged Device: This year, all students will be provided a district laptop. It is the responsibility of the student to charge their device at home and bring it back to school each day.

Sanitizer (OPTIONAL): Throughout the day, we will encourage hand washing, and we will also supply hand sanitizer in every classroom. Students and staff members must wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after meals and recess. Students may bring a personal bottle of hand sanitizer if they prefer.


Attendance is one of the most important factors in academic achievement and we would like your help regarding attendance and punctuality. When students arrive late or leave early consistently, they miss important instructional time. Missouri guidelines require 90% of our students to be in attendance 90% of the time. To help meet this goal, Park Hill has established expectations for attendance and letters will be sent to families if the following attendance percentages are not met.

Level 1: Attendance rate of 90%

Level 2: Attendance rate between 85% and 90%

Level 3: Attendance rate is below 80%

Mrs. Mickie, our School Social Worker, will be working with students and families to make sure we meet the 90/90 goal. Please help us by making being at school a priority for your family.

If your child does have to absent, please call the school office (359-4510) to report the student's absence. If the school does not receive a call when a student is absent, we will attempt to contact you to check on the student.

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