NTI Survey Data

Thank you for participating in our survey!

Thank You!

The purpose of this survey was to assess thoughts, feelings, and ideas about the 8 weeks of NTI instruction in the spring so that we can best plan with everyone in mind in the event we have to return to NTI next school year. Thank you for taking time to complete the survey. We appreciate your time.
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Inequities You Experienced during NTI

23% Spotty Internet

3% No Internet

60% Parents Essential Workers Outside Home

56% Parents Working From Home

19% Family or Personal Issues that Affected Performance

Other Thoughts

These are a few of the things we have in mind to make things easier on your end in the event we have to do this again:

1. Canvas pages all look similar. Information is found in similar places.

2. Grades are updated regularly.

3. Missing assignment emails are sent to parents.

4. Use one platform for all online meetings.

5. Offer opportunities for student to participate in class WITH teacher, watch recorded version of teacher teaching, and attend office hours if they need extra help.

6. Limit the number of tabs that must be pulled up per class to complete work.

7. Limit the number of tech programs used that kids have not previously used in school.

8. Reduce number of emails.

There is a district task force that is looking at a regional plan moving forward. When we have information, you will receive it. We won't keep it from you. That said, we also won't be able to control when we can get it to you. We definitely know the sooner the better and we'll be mindful of that.